Who We Are

About us:
We stand as the top prominent Helghast Community Clan on PlayStation Home.

Our Mission:
To build an environment that can provide all the cooperative elements necessary to allow a community to reach the successful goals and dreams of its many members.
To put it in shorter words, We help turn dreams into reality with our supporting masses. ^^

Guns of the Helghast is a high-profile Helghast themed PSN Community Group stationed on PlayStation Home. In the quest for fun and revolutionary productivity, this Fellowship is set out to do just that. With a round-the-clock dedicated Staff we’re committed to developing ideas taking the PlayStation Network to a whole new level of experience.  If you enjoy meeting down-to-Earth GREAT people, Game Launching to cooperative multiplayers, making award-winning Machinimas and being part of an array of activities packed with awesomeness, then you’re most likely to lose yourself as you struggle to keep up in our many Featured Events.  Our Friends in this Community stay true to themselves as we’re frequently confused by many to being related since we’re always found together with one another in and out of the PSN.  God bless you guys!

So how do I enlist?
If you’re interested in applying now, visit the link provided for you below to see if this group is for you.  Make sure you have a North American PSN account since PlayStation Home is region locked.***
Keep in mind that we’re a ZERO-TOLERANCE positive Community so we only enlist those who are qualified as we’re helping build the PlayStation Network a better experience for its many users.
Questions are always welcome, so feel free to ask anytime!

How do I know I’m qualified?
NOTE: We don’t take just anyone, check out the link below to see if you fit the requirements!

Welcome to Guns of the Helghast! ~ Gabriel Arias