Who We Are

About us:
The top prominent Helghast Community Clan from the former PlayStation Home.

Our Mission:
To build an environment that can provide all the cooperative elements necessary to allow a community to reach the successful goals and dreams of its many members.
To put it in shorter words, We help turn dreams into reality with our supporting masses. ( ‘ v ‘ )7

Guns of the Helghast is a community of unrelenting gamers themed after one of Visari’s many memorable quotes; “Our guns never tire!” 

Beginning as a small “Killzone 2” clan who adopted PlayStation Home back in 2009, we became the most prominent Helghast community on the platform.  We saw many opportunities on Sony’s service that much of its community took for granted.  We used its resources to establish & redefine community gaming as a whole, where cooperative, competitive, creative & productive minds gathered to bring forth the many dedicated weekly events we exercise here today. 
With community awards won and multiple E3s attended, we welcome all from the PlayStation community who share our many passions to take part in this ever-growing campaign, as we storm each gaming generation in full revolutionary banners!

So how do I enlist?

If you’re interested in applying now, visit the link below to see if this group’s for you.  Make sure you have a North American PSN account since some game titles are region-locked.

Keep in mind that we’re a ZERO-TOLERANCE positive community, so we only enlist those who are qualified as we’re helping build the PlayStation Network into a better experience for its many users.
Questions are always welcome, so feel free to ask us anytime!

But how do I know if I’m qualified?
NOTE: We don’t take just anyone, check out the link below to see if you fit the requirements!

Welcome to Guns of the Helghast!