Quantic Dream’s David Cage Promise About “Beyond: Two Souls”

“It’s not just Heavy Rain 2.0” – David Cage

David Cage recently sat down with the good people over at the Playstation Blog and he promises that Beyond: Two Souls is nothing like there previous game “Heavy Rain”.

Cage wishes to keep the fans in the dark about this game, “this game needs to be played with little to no insight at all”, he says. He promises some brand new surprises and an amazing story for Beyond: Two Souls. David expresses this game is much more interactive than “Heavy Rain” and they really raised the bar in this one. So don’t just go into this game thinking that this just a Heavy Rain with a psychic Ellen Paige. “This game will shock you and it will take you through twists and turns to the point nothing seems the way it is”. he tells gameinformer magazine. Beyond Two Souls is a Sony exclusive and it has not been given a release date yet, but Sony has announced it will drop fourth quarter 2013.

2 responses to “Quantic Dream’s David Cage Promise About “Beyond: Two Souls”

  1. finally a game that’s like your playing a story movie . HEAVY RAIN was so great i got all the endings. quantic dream knows how to make a great story šŸ™‚ . and now Beyond two souls i don’t want to give out to much information about this game the girl you are playig as she knows that there is something wrong going on with her and she have work it out in some way. for the people that are in to driving shooting games this game may not be for you don’t get me wrong i play all kinds of games but at the time i wanted to try something new and that was HEAVY RAIN and i like how you can get all kinds of endings. david cage did a great job with HEAVY RAIN and Beyond two souls i can’t wait to get my hands on it. in Beyond two souls your ending your going to see what is Beyond.

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