Resident Evil 6 (Review)

Story: Resident Evil 6 is the sixth installment of the zombie-shooter series and let’s get straight to the point, the story. The story of RE6 is told from the perspectives of Chris Redfield the former member/founder of the BSAA, in this game he is traumatized from a failed mission. Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of Raccoon City/government agent and then there’s Jake Muller. Jake is the son of Albert Wekser, Jake was framed for the bio-terrorist attacks by Neo-Umbrella. Throughout the game, these 3 characters will collide and being that this game has different perspectives I will review the individual stories (no spoilers).

  • Leon’s Story: Leon’s story is in fact the only story that stays true to “scary” nature of the original Resident Evil games. Leon is in search of the cure (get in line buddy) and he will do anything and everything to obtain it. That being said I will just come out and say this. Leon’s campaign is hardly scary, there are some suspenseful and heart racing moments but nothing like the original Capcom masterpieces. Leon’s will and luck is tested multiple times and to the point it’s so convenient that’s it is just unbelievable. The environment Leon is put in with his female partner is so hectic and the first few levels (ESPECIALLY the subway) are so reminiscent of the classic RE moments. Overall, Leon’s campaign is a great return to the classic RE style, however there are some inconsistencies in terms of facts that are very noticeable.
  • Chris’s Story: Chris Redfield is by far my least favorite RE character. He reminds me of a failed Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator; however I will give credit where credit is due. After epically failing in RE5, we find Chris drinking his liver to nothingness because he keeps thinking about the “what if’s” of the past situation, one of his squad members finds him and knocks some sense into him and long story short, Chris Redfield is back in action. If you look at Redfield’s story as just another game, it passes with flying colors. Very compelling war scenes, intense action, and crazy huge bosses with amazing battle scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. On the other hand, if you look at this and compare it to the past RE games, Redfield’s story is a complete travesty to the franchise. There is literally no horror, zombies or dark corridors in which the undead ankle biters we all know and love jump out to greet us with their maggot infested teeth. Just a really buff guy who’s commanding a squad taking orders like a boy scout trying to earn his post -apocalyptic badge.  Overall, Chris has an enjoyable story but to the die-hard RE fans it will be dull and not enjoyable.
  • Jake’s Story: Jake is a freelance agent who was framed, which makes his story much like Chris’s. A lot of great action and scenes but nothing that really stayed true to the original RE games. Jake is supposedly the cure to the horrible zombie disease that is plaguing man kind. Jake is the badass of this game and it’s quite evident because the opening cut scene of him treating two infected humans like ragdolls, avoiding their bites and he ultimately kills them. Jake and his partner go through the game as a two man squad, on their way to achieving the cure they go through rigorous battles containing disgusting bosses that will induce vomiting if stared at too long and his arsenal makes the campaign that much enjoyable. Like I said for Chris, if you look at this as a separate game this is a triumph, if you look at this as a RE game, it’s a disgrace. Overall I liked it and it’s cool but I don’t see myself playing his story often.

Who are you?!

Gameplay: The gameplay. The most important part of every Resident Evil game. Once again since there is more than 1 character I will create a list of PROS & CONS.


  1. The AI actually helps in this game. Instead of just standing there and acting like there life isn’t on the line (Sheva) they really contribute to helping kill the enemy and they occasionally finish one off for you.
  2. The Gameplay to cut scene transition is smooth.
  3. The lighting is superb for all 3 campaigns.
  4. The gun sounds are way more realistic.
  5. Surroundings & scenery are quite beautiful amidst the chaos.
  6. Enemies are way more aggressive for all difficulties.
  7. The 3 character’s meet up in the game at certain points and are referenced when in conversations. It’s quite funny if you ask me.
  8. Graphics are really crisp and the scenery is very detailed.


  1. Ammo is way too abundant.
  2. Coins/Herbs are found to easily.
  3. Occasional screen tears and freezing can be a pain.
  4. The amount of RPG troopers is annoying.
  5. AI is better but they sometimes get lost and it takes 45 seconds to a minute for them to locate you when in a big map.
  6. The button mashing/ quick time sequences are way too generous, I can be completely out of the button range and still get a perfect.

The verdict for RE6 is this, it’s a solid game with a lot of issues that need to be fixed. Still a game you can pull an all-nighter on or bring out as a fun party game but after hearing the backlash from the fans, it’s evident Capcom needs to return to their roots of chilling horror with levels that contain scary door opening cutscenes (RE1) or at least make them suspenseful enough that the masses will jump. A 7/10 is what I will award this game. It’s not a definite must-buy but it couldn’t hurt to play it.

One response to “Resident Evil 6 (Review)

  1. It doesn’t look like that bad of a game, and at least the AI are adjusted better than your partner from RE5 (who would aimlessly walk around). Great review 🙂

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