Vita Update 2.0

Playstation has announced that the PS Vita will receiving the gold treatment. Yep, that’s right. PS Vita will be getting all the great deals and discounts that the PS3 has. Check out the article below from the very reliable site

Wrapped up in the Sony handheld’s version 2.0 update, the PlayStation Vita is finally getting PS Plus. Detailing the offering for European users, the subscription-based service will add four free games per month, with the launch line-up including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and Chronovolt. Like its big console brother, you can expect to see discounted titles, free demos and other content arrive alongside full titles. Your Vita will also be able to tap into cloud storage for game saves, with an additional 1GB of space added for the portable console. If you’re already paying for PlayStation Plus on your PS3 ( three months at $18 or a one-year plan for $50), you’ll pick up the service for free on your Vita starting November 19th (and the 20th in Europe), provided they’re linked to the same PSN account. There’s a quick video outline (and the European press release) right after the break.

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