Happy 6th Birthday, PS3!

Today, November 17th, 2012, marks the six year anniversary of Sony’s PlayStation 3 launch in the United States.  Sony’s system has come quite a ways since its launch back in 2006; with added firmware features, a resurgence into motion gaming with Move, highly acclaimed exclusives, a venture into 3D, and now three major console revisions, the system has improved on all counts.

Just yesterday Sony released their latest sales statistics, as of November 4th the PlayStation 3 achieved 70 million units shipped worldwide.  The PlayStation Network is now available in 59 countries across the globe offering some 170,000 pieces of digital content for download.  In Amazon’s Top 20 Games of 2012 three PlayStation branded exclusives made the list, with “Journey: Collector’s Edition” taking the top spot.  Though the next console generation may be right around the corner, with great upcoming exclusives on the horizon like “Beyond: Two Souls”, “God of War: Ascension”, and “The Last of Us” the PS3 is set to continue on for quite some time and when its eventual end comes it’s set to go out in style.

Happy 6th Birthday, PlayStation 3; according to Sony you’ve still got at least another four years, cheers.

2 responses to “Happy 6th Birthday, PS3!

  1. The PlayStation 3 has been on a diet. I like the model but once you go “fat” you never go back.

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