TIME’s Top 100 Video Games

Time Magazine has been a well-respected source of weekly news since its first issue on March 3, 1923.  With the world’s largest circulation for a news magazine, it has specific regional editions for Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific aside from just America.  In recent years TIME has begun to generate various top 100 lists, from the most influential people of the 20th century to the best novels, movies, and TV shows of all time.  Well not long ago TIME’s website posted a new Top 100 List, the “All-TIME 100 Video Games.”

Beginning in the 1970’s and stretching into the modern day, chosen games are organized by their decade of release to aide in a walk down memory lane, regardless where your childhood lie.  And you’re sure to see plenty of favorites on this list, with classics such as The Oregon TrailGalagaPunch-Out!!Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VIIHalo: Combat Evolved, and Mass Effect 3 being just a sampling.  This is surely an enjoyable read tinged with nostalgia and fond memories.  Click the link above for the full TIME article.

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