A Happy Ghastgiving!

Ghastgiving 2012

We’ve returned from Thanksgiving weekend and are eager to get back to work.  First though, I’d like to take some time to thank a certain member of our group, US_Champion_JC (she’s the crowned lass at table’s head).  Champion is not only a valued member of our group who contributes with staff activities in HOME, but is also the host of Ghastly Studios, our media and machinima team.  In order to celebrate a bit of early Thanksgiving merriment, and to thank us all for our various machinima efforts this year, Champion organized this thoughtful and heartfelt event.  “You are cordially invited to the first annual Ghastgiving!” read this miss’ most mannerly missive.  Unlike our usual Ghastly Studios meetups which consist of creative planning and acting, this was simply a time to relax, enjoy each others company, and share what we were each thankful for in our lives.  “Grab some wine, a turkey leg, sit down, and give thanks and appreciation to each other and all the hard work we put in this year for everything in Guns of the Helghast.”  There was more then one speech given which tugged at the heartstrings, I admit myself to getting a bit misty-eyed.  A most wonderful time was had by all and I am very grateful and thankful to Champion for beginning this new annual Guns of the Helghast tradition.  Click “Continue reading” for a few more pics.

Thank You, US_Champion_JC. 🙂

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