Wii Mini

Beginning December 7th of this year, Nintendo will be delivering a new iteration of their massively popular Wii console to store shelves.  Yes, you read that right; Nintendo has managed to reduce the size and weight of their original Wii console more so than before.  As you can see from the graphic above the unit is matte black and red in color and comes with a red Wii Motion Plus and Nunchuck controller.  The console isn’t the only thing that’s shrunk, though.

The price has been slashed by 23% from the original Wii’s price-point of $130 to the upcoming Wii Mini’s $100.  Unfortunately, the feature set has also been minimized.  Unlike the original Wii, this new Wii Mini has no GameCube backwards-compatibility, no WiFi support, and no access to Nintendo’s e-Store.  The lowered price-point is welcome, but for this blogger the monetary savings aren’t worth the lack of the original Wii’s super backwards compatibility (being able to download NES, SNES, and N64 games) along with some original Nintendo titles.  Still, this late in the console’s life-cycle, with the tremendous sales already accumulated by the original Wii unit, and with Nintendo’s newest console having just been released it may be safe to say that those interested in the greater functionality of the original Wii unit have, by and large, already made their investment in what is now the last generation.  Still, those extra $30 go a long way, so any serious gamer looking to pick-up a Wii is still encouraged to purchase one of the original, more expensive Wii units.  The Wii Mini looks squarely aimed at those only interested in scratching the surface of Nintendo’s last-gen entertainment experience, such as parents looking for a child-friendly first console for their kids or at gamers wanting a Wii only as a secondary system to play while awaiting new 360, PC, or PS3 releases.

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