Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Review


Japan’s Cover Art

For those of you who think Playsation is making a shameless attempt to copy Nintendo’s Smash Brother’s series, I say to that…. Complete BS. All-Stars is a game that fits in a genre with only one title which Nintendo happened to make. That being said, does PSASBR live up to the hype? Find out below!

Story: Playstation has brought out all there iconic characters to make this game just as star studded as any Sony fan could imagine. The Roster includes Kratos, Parappa, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth, Radec,  Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Evil/Good Cole, Ratchet, Jak, Raiden, Big Daddy, Dante,  Heihachi, Nariko,  Sackboy, Sir Daniel, Spike and Toro. Each of these respected characters have their own story to follow, Superbot (the game developer) spared all expense to make cutscenes. In the beginning of every story there is the voice actor explaining how he/she doesn’t know why he/she is here or what’s going on but its a just a picture of the character. There really is no one clear story for any of these characters. Just a bunch of random matches with no explanation as to why you are fighting. On one hand I do understand Superbot’s reasoning behind not paying 20 voice actors for a total of 3 cut scenes each but one must wonder why they couldn’t even bring out scrolling text to explain the story a bit better? The final boss I will not reveal but for all Sony history buffs it is a pretty great tip of the hat to one of Sony’s lost characters. Overall the stories of these characters are enjoyable and I guarantee anyone who plays this game will find a character they love playing with.

Gameplay: PSABR is a very pick-up-n-go friendly game. There is an option for another player in your household to pick up and play with you, that alone shows this game was meant to be pick up friendly. All Stars has a total of 20 characters, that being said each character has their own specific set of skills and attacks which makes this game really diverse in multiplayer and in story mode. Superbot did something really innovative in this game which I’d like to see from more fighting games; they combined multiple universes to make the maps. The maps are very lush, colorful and they stay true to the universes. All Stars is anything but inaccurate. Throughout playing you will notice items from various games which can equipped and used on the enemy. These weapons come from various universes. However you can not attack with your default weapon when equipped with a special weapon. Also, Superbot has given every character 3 powerful attacks called supers. You build a super with every hit you land on an enemy. Depending on the effectiveness of a hit or combo you land that will determine how fast you build a Level 1 Super, Level 2 Super or Level 3 Super. Some supers for certain characters (Kratos, Raiden) are overpowered in my opinion but who am I to complain, they’re fun to play with. My only grievance when it comes to supers is the delay time of when you spawn after you execute one on an enemy. A minor detail which may sometimes be annoying but it doesn’t affect the overall experience of the game.

Multiplayer: The online mode is the bread and butter of the game, there are many ways to play this game…

  • 2 versus 2 (You and a friend vs two other people)
  • Free For All (Every man for himself)

and the match types include…..

  • Stock Limited (The first three to die a certain amount of times loses making it a sudden death)
  • Kill Limited (The first to get a certain amount of kills wins)
  • Time Limited (Whoever has the most kills after time expires wins)

In the multiplayer mode, the player can customize a match to make stock 30 kills or make the time limit 10 minutes. The options are endless. When it comes to customizing, Superbot did an excellent job. You can even customize whatever character you play with. You can choose whatever your intro saying, your winning music and your little minion (which appears when you land a super on all the enemies in one blow). There is a ranking system which just comes from playing in battles. The highest rank you can get is 999, what I really like about this game is simple, RANK DOESN’T MATTER. A level 1 can beat a level 999 easily. I’ve seen it happen! The servers are pretty good for the most part, however there is a pretty big issue that needs addressing; the lag and the connection errors are very inconvenient. There are many instances where I was playing with a friend or by myself and I get an error saying I’ve been disconnected from the game or the host has left. This has been known to happen consecutive times. It’s a pretty big issue but for a game this fun I can stomach it. (By the way there needs to be a mute button)

The Verdict: All Stars is an extremely fun game, many hours have been spent on this game and it is worth the $40. A few issues arise during the game but one thing is clear, this game brings back the days of when video games were played simply for fun. The lagging and disconnects are very annoying but honestly I get a sense of joy I haven’t experienced in a while from a videi, and for that Superbot  I commend you. I award this a 8.5/10

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