What I Would Like See From Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or the Sequel.

A. More Characters (obviously)

Which ones? Allow me to show you and explain why.

1. Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain

  • Norman wields a pistol.
  • Norman has glasses that can see evidence.

  • Norman would be a perfect character because all 3 of his supers would work.
  • His 1st super could be just a slowing down of time like in Heavy Rain.
  • His 2nd super could be him putting on his detective glove and anybody who he touches dies.
  • His 3rd super could be when all his enemies are trapped in his forest thing and he uses the detective glasses to smoke them out.

2. The Shadow of Colossus

  • The colossus would be a great character
  • The colossus is a hulking mass which would have to toned down to fit the game, if I could give an estimate, I’d probably say a little bigger than big daddy.

  • This colossus is the one most suited for the game.
  • His 1st super could be a stomping of the ground and anybody near the shockwave would die.
  • His 2nd super could be a roaring and like the 1st super anybody in front of it would die.
  • His 3rd super would be cinematic like Big Daddy’s, it would show him grabbing his enemies and squeezing his palm crushing them all.

3. Tag  from Modnation Racers (I was shocked Tag did not make it to PSABR)

  • Tag is an ideal character.

  • Tag would sit in his car and ride around the match, jumping and wreaking havoc.
  • Tag’s 1st super could be him sideswiping the people near him.
  • Tag’s 2nd super could be him spitting out 2 of those sonic spheres like he did in Modnation.

  • Tags 3rd special would look a lot like Radec’s but instead of a Jetpack, Tag would pinpoint his Rockets on all the opponents.

4. Alica from Valkyria Chronicles

  • Alicia is exactly what this game needs, more female badasses.
  • Alicia is a soldier

  • Alicia’s 1st super could be a simple grenade toss that explodes into 3 other grenades which explode on impact.
  • Alicia’s 2nd super could be a bazooka shot that would inflict considerable damage.
  • Alicia’s 3rd super, well the picture below is self explanatory…

Other characters that I think could work are

5. The Hero Patapon

  • The Hero Patapon is just a no brainer, they already have the background in the Hades level.

  • The Hero Patapon’s 1st super could be a swipe of his spear
  • The Hero Patapon’s 2nd super could be him mounting his steed and spearing through all that stand in his way.
  • The 3rd super could be a cutscene of him massacring all his opponents then all the patapon cheer for him.

B. More Options

  • I’d like Superbot to give us more options for supers, the ability to customize your character the way you see it.
  • Give me more supers so I can mix and match with ones that I like so the player can dominate and feel like they have control at the same time.
  • You can never go wrong with customization.

Other Characters/Skins I’d like to see

  • Spyro

  • Crash Bandicoot

  • Ostrava of Boletaria from Demon Souls

  • Joel from The Last of Us

  • Jodie Holmes From Beyond Two Souls

Raziel From Legacy of Kain

  • Ellen of Folklore

  • Laharl from Disgea 4

  • The White Knight from White Knight Chronicles

  • Dart from Legend Of Dragoon

C. More depth in online mode

  • I want to see the ability to clash supers. It would add an element of surprise to the game if you and an opponent click your level 1 or 2 at the same time and you button mash to see who gets to use it. Kind of how in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm you clash special attacks.

  • Capture the flag – There will be a flag and just by walking over it you pick it, the amount of time you hold it determines if you win or not, you can only disarm somebody of the flag by grabbing them or using a super.
  • King of the hill – The person to stay on the hill the longest wins. If you get knocked off 3 times you lose.

D. More Maps and dynamic backgrounds from these games…

  • Lair
  • Demon Souls
  • Patapon
  • Heavy Rain
  • Heavenly Sword
  • Modnation
  • Shadow of Colossus
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Dead Nation
  • Siren Blood Curse
  • Flower
  • Journey
  • Flow

3 responses to “What I Would Like See From Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or the Sequel.

  1. What’s up colleagues, how is the wholle thing, and what
    you desire to say aboht this article, in my
    view its rally amazing in favor of me.

  2. trump i agree with you on the characters but the people that makes the games have agree to agree that there characters are going to be used on playstation all stars i maybe wrong but that’s how it works

  3. Not a bad list. I honestly would like to see Laughing Octopus or one of the those BB Corps characters. Laughing Octopus would be a great stealth character due to her adaptive camo ability and her tentacles would be similar to Kratos’s blades of chaos. That’s just what I would like to see.

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