Helghast Horse Around at the Hideaway

Guns of the Helghast . Southern Island Hideaway . Friday Gathering

Welcome again to another Guns of the Helghast Home event.  This past Friday, February 8th, our reins were routed by the current night’s host, us_champion_jc.  Our destination, Granzella Inc.’s Southern Island Hideaway, was rife with romance upon arrival.  Granzella had altered its usual island beach getaway in commemoration of the coming holiday, St. Valentine’s Day.  Hearts, stars, and bow-wrapped gifts were suspended splendidly before the backdrop of the glittering night sky, and shone brightly amongst the day.  It was amidst this exotic environment our activities began.

Southern Island Hideaway. Guns of the Helghast 2

Up first was a photo-op before the rainbow fall, we stood proud & loud in our favorite flamboyant attire as per the order of our host.  The picture, a reminder of the fun we continue to share together throughout the week and of the bonds of friendship forged, tested, and strengthened over time.  We then stormed the isle all-around:  trotting along the shore, beneath the waves, and atop its sheer cliff for no other reason than our own merriment.  Next, a final photograph as our night drew near its end;

Southern Island Hideaway. Guns of the Helghast 3

A picture of us stretched out along the island’s extended exterior, as we gazed  over the gentle waters while dolphins danced and dove among its ripples and the sun slipped silently below the sea’s silvery surface.  A peaceful calm, a stillness, one capable of causing reflection or a wanton wandering of the mind surrounded us there.  Finally, Champion led us to the cabin overlooking the isle for a game of Four Corners.  After three consecutive rounds Third Division ultimately emerged victorious, hurrah! 😉  All in all it was a great night and I’d like to thank the many participants for making this happen.  Thanks to Granzella for a beautiful beach hideaway, thank you to Lockwood for the majority of our mounts, thank you to Guns of the Helghast for staying strong and staying fun, thanks especially to us_champion_jc for taking the time to host this event, and lastly a thank you to PlayStation for giving us all a Home; to all mentioned, I am very grateful. 🙂

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and hope to meet more fresh faces at our future functions.  Farewell, until next Friday.

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