My Expectations For PS4

Wednesday will possibly mark the beginning of the end for PS3. Playstation 4 will most likely be announced at Sony’s press conference and I pondered what the PS4 should be able to do with the amount of new technology Sony has developed. That being said, I made a list of the things I hope Sony implements for the PS4.

  • Backwards Compatibility – After all the money gamers have spent on their Playstation 3, it’s going to be a tough selling point if you can’t play your PS3 games on PS4. At the minimum I would like to see first party title PS3 games playable on PS4.
  • Good 1st Party Launch Games – Games like Killzone 4, Fat Princess 2, Playstation All-Stars 2, The Last Guardian (Unlikely), Uncharted 4. and 2 new IP’s.
  • PS Move Support
  • Cloud Storage
  • Bigger Controllers
  • Cross-Game Chat – Yeah, it’s about time Sony mans up and implements Cross-Game chat, Rise UP Sony!
  • Improved Chat-Room Designs – The Voice Chat Room for PS3 looks like you’re in solitary confinement. In the event Cross-Game Chat doesn’t make it to PS4 I believe the Voice Chat should be more lively, add some color to it Sony!
  • Twitter/Facebook Applications – The same way YouTube got their application, Twitter and Facebook should get one too.
  • A New XMB Design – The XMB should be newly refurbished with a greater layout.
  • Improved Internet Browser

These are my essential expectations for the Sony PS4, hopefully come Wednesday, we’ll have some more information on Sony’s new console.

6 responses to “My Expectations For PS4

  1. I personally don’t mind that the PS4 may not be backwards compatible because I don’t plan to get rid of any of my PlayStation 3’s games or consoles. Launch games will be crazy good and sharing will be taken to a whole new level. I’m reluctant to purchase the first model console due to the fact the PS3 had the “YLOD” problem with it’s first 60GB model. I think my excitement may get the best of me on this one…

  2. I would also like to have the Twitter app auto-tweet when you get a trophy similar to what happens with Facebook now on the PS3. I’d also like to have the ability to listen to music in the background of every game, mainly to listen to gaming podcasts while I engage in some casual game time.

    I think Sony will introduce cross-game chat with the PS4 and I partially agree with you, Tim. I do envision using cross-game chat, but only with PlayStation HOME. That is, speaking with somone in HOME when I’m not or vice-versa.

  3. Personally I couldn’t care less about cross game chat. I don’t get why everyone wants it. I think it’s only because Xbox has it. I doubt Sony will ever introduce it. I disagree with the video chat though. I Besides anytime I’m in Vchat with any one from this group no one uses their cams. So, I doubt color would make it any better. I do think they should fix their censor filter though. My name is not a bad word. Lol =op

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