PlayStation Meeting 2013 – Live Stream

Join us today, February 20th, for the PlayStation Meeting 2013 Live Stream being broadcast by Sony from New York City.  There has been much speculation concerning the nature of this announcement since its advertisement on January 31st of this year, most of which centers around the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 (Orbis).  As the PlayStation 3 prepares to enter into its seventh year on store shelves a cycling in of new hardware is soon expected.  If you recall, Sony’s original PlayStation released in Japan on December 3rd, 1994, with PlayStation 2 releasing worldwide roughly five and a quarter years later on March 4th, 2000, followed finally by PlayStation 3, six  and two-third years later on November 11th, 2006.  When looking at the dates between console releases, one can see that a PS4 announcement would fall in-line with the time-frames of previous console releases.

So will PlayStation announce the successor to the PS3 at this meeting?  If so, what new features may it boast?  We’ll see in just a short couple of hours, stay tuned for updates.

One response to “PlayStation Meeting 2013 – Live Stream

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