Guns of the Helghast Valentine Victory


Ahhhh, February 14th, Valentine’s Day; a day of laughter, love, longing, and the sentiments shared betwixt sweethearts.

Welcome to the day after. 😉  February 15th, 2013, General Jarhead led the Helghast invasion.  Last Friday’s event took place at a passion-infused Pier Park where we, Guns of the Helghast, did make our presence known.  Operation: Occupation began with the above photo near the pier’s entrance-way; standing at attention and sporting full fatigues (dress code is the foundation of discipline), we displayed our might to the masses through unity and the organization of our formation. 


Next we dined out along the water.  The food was alright, but nothing beats Helghan military rations.  As can be seen, we filled every seat; we would’ve commandeered the yacht as well to continue our conquest, but Home domination is such hungry work.  Once one restaurant ran out of food we relocated to the diner nearest the cinema.


After having our fill at both locations we celebrated with a game of Four Corners, won ultimately by 3rd Division.  Finally, we engaged in gift-giving activities at the Giving Tree and won some items at the kissing game.  It was a fun  raid and I’m grateful for General Jarhead making the time to lead our conquest of the Pier.  See you Monday for the next Friday’s activity report.

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