Sony’s Conference, Incredible or Underwhelming?

After a few days of soaking up the conference and everything that happened during it I can say that Sony did put on an amazing conference. This was possibly the only conference in which a system wasn’t shown (insert lol). They announced the Playstation 4 but this announcement presentation was more about the features and games more than the price and release date. That being said the features and the innovation of the PS4 is absolutely incredible. Instead of me writing some New York Times 10 paragraph bull, i’ll just list what was announced and describe what I liked or disliked about it. First things first….

  • The Dualshock 4 – The Dualchock 4 did surprise me (in a good way). They detailed some good features for the Dualshock 4, which includes a colored light bar that differentiates players from others if you are playing with more than one person in your household. A touch pad was mentioned and the craziest thing to me announced was a  share button that can take screenshots/videos of any game and upload it to Facebook and other respected social media services AND a sensor for a new Kinect like camera that was mentioned but is still in development. Sony once again raising the bar and innovating in an era where innovation is scoffed at. I applaud Sony for trying to be different and I for one love the design.

Gaikai – Gaikai is a cloud based sharing service that will be showcased for the first time on Playstation 4. This is where Sony had me looking at my PS3 like “You have 5 months to get your things together”. Sony said Gaikai will make all PS1 PS2 PS3 gams available for PS4 via streaming. I was kind of disappointed that PS4 isn’t backwards compatible but then when Gaikai was detailed in the keynote? I was amazed, the fact that we’re going to be able to beat levels of games for our friends via streaming (even if we don’t own the game). We can seamlessly stream our games via UStream. You can even download a game but still be playing it while downloading the rest of it in the background; meaning you can click the x button and without having to wait a long 60 minutes to play, you instantly start playing through Gaikai and it’s downloading the levels you aren’t on yet. The innovation and the options are endless.

Sony then proceeded to proverbially defecate on the competition when they started to show their EXCLUSIVE launch titles which are…..

Holy frag grenade…. Sony is pulling out all the stops trying to return back to the glory of PS2! The games listed are inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, a new Media Molecule IP and an independent puzzle game called The Witness. I’m excited mostly for Killzone Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son just because I love both franchises and also because the graphics looked god-like. The new engine for the PS4 is looking like a MONSTER and it looks as though Sony’s relationships with 3rd party studios  have strengthened greatly. Even to the point that Diablo III is coming to both PS3 AND PS4 which I may add gave me a gamegasm. Sony really is raising the bar by making social gaming more and more intriguing to a casual gamer such as myself. The sky is limit for the Playsation 4 at this point and there’s nothing that I didn’t like about this conference. I still have some more questions that need to be answered but I guess they’ll be answered before launch.

In conclusion, this was such a good conference and I can’t wait for E3 so I can see the system and price for the PS4. I hypothesize about $450 and most likely mid November for launch. These were my highlights and thank your for reading!

4 responses to “Sony’s Conference, Incredible or Underwhelming?

  1. I liked the conference overall as well.

    To me the DualShock 4 looks a bit like a cheap third-party knockoff than an official controller, but I’ll get used to it. Maybe it’s like an old man’s easy-chair, comfortable despite being a bit of an eye-sore. I have no idea how the touchpad would be implemented so I’m curious to see what Sony does with it. I think the share button is great for those people who like that sort-of thing but I personally don’t see myself ever touching that button unless by accident.

    Backwards compatibility via Gaikai is impressive, but I want to know how much it’s going to cost, that’s my main issue. The ability to beat levels for your friends seems okay if both people are newbs where one has slightly more skill, but like Sharing I see this being another pointless feature that I’ll personally never use. Being able to instantly hop into any game demo from the cloud is really cool and something I’m definitely looking forward to, especially if it’s done with all games.

    “InFamous: Second Son” looks great. No gameplay shown but I sense it’s going to be something I’ll want to play. “Killzone: Shadow Fall” looked okay but I want to see more; graphically it didn’t impress but I trust it’s still early footage and the game will look better by launch. “Drive Club” is interesting, it looks like our version of “Forza” with its level of customization and licensed cars while remaining true to the sim-racing genre; will likely just hold out for “Gran Turismo 6” though. The new Media Molecule IP looks strange but then creativity isn’t always immediately understood, we need to see more. It does looks great for creative types but I’ll likely pass. I’m most excited for “The Witness.” This looks like a pure adventure game along the lines of “Myst.” This genre is quite rare on consoles but is also my favorite genre so I’m really looking forward to it. “Diablo” coming to consoles is a big deal as it’s a big name among the PC crowd but I’m not sure how many console gamers will really give it a try; I guess we’ll see.

    I’m sure we’ll see more about everything at this year’s E3.

  2. playstation 4 looks good with the line up of games like driveclub and KILLZONE shadow fall am i saying it driveclub? and what a great way to kick of playstation 4 this is what worries me the things you buy from the playstation store will it be moved on to playstation 4? because i don’t want to start over. i did see gameplay of KILLZONE shadow fall it looks really great 🙂

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