5 responses to “CN:Zebra *Special* Slender: The Arrival Beta

  1. ScarredMrHyde mentioned that there were plans to put Slender (the original game) in the playstation store. I don’t know the accuracy of the rumor though.

  2. I like the graphics and the setting, they have an eerie quality about them. Using a flashlight as the main light source seems fun too. Adventure games are my favorite genre and the twist of horror adds a sense of suspense to the mix. If this were released through the PlayStation Network I’d buy it, I can even see it being Move compatible. Enjoy it PC gamers and let me know how the finished product turns out. šŸ˜‰

  3. wow Slender man that’s a great. but the thing is when Slender man get’s me i get mad and say are your kidding i played a level like that on LBP 2.

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