Guns of the Helghast Cause an Uproar!

Guns of the Helghast 2.22.13

February 22nd, 2013, another Friday Night Gathering brought to you by Guns of the Helghast.

This night’s host was none other than I, Orpheo, the silver-haired chap in the back, left-center.  As made obvious by the above photograph, Guns of the Helghast invaded Lockwood’s Uproar Arena.  While we Helghast are always prepared for battle, this space provided something we were ill-equipped to deal with, massive lag.  Unfortunately it proved quite the challenge for all of us to meet within Uproar; there were lengthy load times just getting into the space with some people stuck at the loading screen, others being booted from HOME after a short stint, and still others who couldn’t load into the space at all.  You may have noticed the back to one of our members displayed in the above photo towards the right; even though his avatar shared the space with us, he claimed to still be freely wandering around back at our clubhouse, very strange.


After we took the photo, a lucky few of us managed to enter the game.  It must be said that Lockwood’s Uproar Arena is the most fun I’ve had in HOME in a long while in terms of interactive content.  The game is very easy to pick up and play for those experienced with third-person shooters.  The combat was fast, the game supports voice-chat, there’s a leveling system and rewards; it really is a great game once one is able to enter it.  Still, there are some things that could do with tweaking.  The turning sensitivity is too fast for someone like me, though for more experienced gunmen they’re likely already used to it; still, a way to adjust the sensitivity would be welcome.  Another thing that could use some added flexibility is wardrobe.  Upon entering the game one’s avatar clothing is replaced with either a default blue or orange game-based outfit.  This is understandable as it makes differentiating friend from foe easy, but just the ability to equip a head item, like a helmet, in the game would be appreciated.  As-is only one’s glasses and headphone items remain equipped when game-launching into the Arena.  Speaking of headphone items, we all wore birthday hats to make it easier locating comrades in combat.  As a side-note, we like celebrating the birthdays of our members at the end of each month and this month contained a special b-day indeed; Happy Birthday PlayStation Vita, you turned one year old this month! 😉  As stated before, we did have quite the enjoyable time upon game-entry, this is a recommended game to all those who’ve yet to try it.  Thanks to General Ventura for the original inspiration for this Friday’s activity.

After our brief playtime, Guns of the Helghast returned the Main Clubhouse for promotions, a game of Four Corners, and to conclude the night.  Officially entering 1st Division’s Main Clubhouse was Richard and entering 3rd Division’s Main Clubhouse was Lady Diamond, congratulations to you both on admittance and receiving the rank of Private! 🙂  Finally, we all gathered ’round for our customary game of Four Corners.  Rounds one and two were both won by Richard; congratulations again on being tonight’s MVP. 😉  Orga, also of 1st Division, won round three leading to an absolute domination of Four Corners by 1st Division, very well done 1st Division. 🙂

Very well done to everyone this Friday.  Despite some lag, Guns of the Helghast had a fun time, grew a bit larger with some quality folk, and happily anticipate next Friday’s activities.  See everyone next week. 🙂

4 responses to “Guns of the Helghast Cause an Uproar!

  1. @Zebra, lol it was the server + poor internet, this happened to me lots of times in the past. But another great post yet again Carlos! You seriously have an incredible way of preserving the fun memories with your articles. ^^

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