3 responses to “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review

  1. i am not a fan of the cutting things in have on METAL GEAR. but for the people that are fans of the dude from METAL GEAR 2 your going to like Revengeance.i remember the dude from METAL GEAR 2 he was using a blade at the final boss fight on the ending of METAL GEAR 2 that’s how it first started. you can’t have a METAL GEAR game with out snake that’s just how i am Revengeance is not my cup of te but i can’t say it’s a bad game. this game is really for the METAL GEAR fans that want to take METAL GEAR to the next level. this game is really for the raiden fans. i finally remember his name sorry about that. one thing i don’t like about raiden i am not trying to hate and warning don’t look at this comment because it’s a spoiler warning for METAL GEAR 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS raiden would say something like o here i have no family and snake was showing raiden people care for you and come on raiden rose worry for you raiden acting emo in that story of the game. then snake shows raiden you were the lightening in that rain. snake shows raiden how bad he have’s it snake shows his borned face that snake showing raiden i have it more bad then you. and snake have fox die in him so raiden you don’t it bad your just hard headed in the story. METAL GEAR is a great game šŸ™‚

  2. I stick with the classic Kojima games. No stealth, me no play. The Phantom Pain will be highly anticipated though.

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