Hello from Ghastly Studios


Hello all,
As may be observed on our PlayStation Home Event Schedule, Ghastly Studios convenes every Tuesday night from 8pm EST ~ 9pm EST.  While it’s true that Ghastly Studios is a Closed Event and many of our projects are hush-hush, starting today with last Tuesday’s meeting we’ll be supplying you coverage of these gatherings to provide a peek into our activities and perhaps preview upcoming machinima developments.  Again, as this is a guarded branch of Guns of the Helghast don’t expect full disclosure and please pardon any vaguery with details; we’ll do our best to give you a glimpse of what’s in store without spoiling any surprises. 😉

This past Tuesday, March 5th, 2013, we all met within the Ghastly Studios workshop to make some announcements and update everyone on the status of our next machinima project which is currently in its initial writing phase.  Afterwards we broke off into two teams, each with their own objectives.  Team One dedicated the rest of their night to writing while Team Two focused on enhancing their acting abilities with a few fun games.  Keeping hush on what’s being written but I think everyone will like what’s to come and it’s a bit different from our recent work.  Team Two’s game activities began with a Wardrobe & Characterization exercise testing our creative instincts and quick thinking ability; this event was won by Champ with Diamond as runner-up, and a thank you to Hyde for modelling.  Our second game was Musical Chairs, while a good bit of fun it tested our targeting abilities in a timely manner; being able to focus on what’s going on around you and reacting accordingly is important in life and absolutely necessary in acting.  Ventura took first place in this event with I, Orpheo (yes, I’m in Ghastly Studios as well), coming in as runner-up.  Our final game for the night, “Would You Ever?”, was an idea introduced by Hyde.  This led to some outlandish circumstances and hilarity ensued.  It’s important to take the unexpected in stride and again remain focused on what needs to be done, anything which can help enhance those skills is welcome.  Hands-down, Diamond dominated this event.

We’d like to thank the cast & crew of Ghastly Studios for their participation in these events and their continued dedication to providing quality entertainment.  Thank you as well to the readers of our blog and the viewers of our machinimas, we delight in being able to make you smile when we can. 🙂

See you all soon with our next Ghastly Studios update.

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