Guns of the Helghast: Gathering turned Game Night


Happy Fri.. deh?..  hm. Network Error. ='(

Anywho, as our Blog Team’s field data recorder person Orpheo was unable to sign on during PlayStation Home’s unfortunate outage, good ol’ commander Sons-of-Helghan is here to fill you in on what everyone missed out. (^^)b

Basically, not much was missed. (^^’)  With only three of us logged on PS Home last Friday, we quickly began to strategize ways to include the rest of our comrades to continue with the weekly gathering.. Receiving bombarding messages from our determined troops attempting to log into the downed network and refusing to admit a defeat to this weak Vektan attack on Home’s sever, an idea came to mind. I issued the order to our battle fleet to set course to the heart and source of the situation, as we embark into game launch bringing forth to the ISA our oh so dear retribution!


Left to right, Snake-Eye96, Sons-of-Helghan, nOObSLAYER bidding our farewell to PS Home before launching to Killzone 3.

Upon arrival, we rendezvous with our squad, charged our weapons and set off into the battlefield bringing back multiple consecutive wins while successfully delivering our retribution for the Vektan attack on PS Home’s server. 😉


Join us again next week as Guns of the Helghast ventures out to the cosmos, as we continue fighting for the greater good of our beloved “Home world”.  😉

Guns of the Helghast, ending transmission. ( ‘ v ‘ )7

4 responses to “Guns of the Helghast: Gathering turned Game Night

  1. a gathering is a great way to enjoy a clan event on playstation home the said thing is that i keep getting that error at that time. l’m just glad that we have great event’s and idea’s to keep G.o.t.h going 🙂 GUNSOFTHEHELGHAST.COM a great website to look up great comments about games that really get’s to you kind like the LAST OF US and our youtube videos are great to see 🙂 that’s maybe why you all are here to look at our great 🙂 and enjoy what we do. to get that out of the way keep in mind you can’t get really made at Playstation Home because it’s really a MMO am i saying it right? so when something go wrong just enjoy KILLZONE 3 with your friends 🙂

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