Ghastly Studios Writes & Roleplays

(Left to Right) Hyde, Diamond, Champ, Ventura, Orpheo

(Left to Right) Hyde, Diamond, Champ, Ventura, Orpheo

March 12th, 2013, Ghastly Studios again split into two groups, the writers and the roleplayers.

Similar to last week, our team of writers for this project sequestered themselves within a PSN whitebox chatroom to further develop the script.  To my understanding things are going well and we are perhaps a sixth of the way through this machinima’s production.

Meanwhile, the rest of us exercised our creativity with some roleplaying activities.  A location was chosen at random to begin the night’s activity, this time it was nDream’s new Carla’s Cafe.  Once within we each assumed alternate personas we thought best suited the space: Hyde, a sly Englishman with an eye for the ladies; Diamond, a college student attending a poetry recital, Champ, a southern-belle host & waitress; Ventura, a restaurant owner just looking to have a good time; and Orpheo, a shady stranger in some underground speak-easy.  It was interesting not just to witness everyone’s unique interpretation of the surroundings, but also to watch how we each reacted to one another’s character.  Next we switched roles up a bit and played the host to Champ’s slightly ditzy dame.  We all had a good time and discovered that each of us is perhaps a better actor than we thought.

We’ll continue writing, roleplaying, rehearsing, and recording to make ourselves and our viewers happy.  Until next week’s episode everyone, Ghastly Studios bids you farewell. 🙂

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