Guns of the Helghast Visit VEEMEE’s Lab

Guns of the Helghast FG31513

Welcome again to another Guns of the Helghast fun Friday PS Home Event.  March 15th, 2013, Guns of the Helghast ventured forth under the orders of General Ventura into VEEMEE’s hidden Home Grown Laboratory to discover a daunting diversion.

Upon entering the space one is shocked to see beings of immense size and irregular proportions pummeling each other about the place.  Combatants ranged in character from an overzealous soldier to a member of the undead, and a rapper with baggy britches to the Easter Bunny from Hell.  Standing stern against the red railing encircling the periphery of the arena we displayed our strength through unity and discipline, in possible preparation for a giant genetic onslaught; the sheer size of the lab’s massive monstrosities was enough to send a shiver through even this Helghast’s brave bones.  Concerning the creatures of this space they’re more than just for show, they are the gladiators of a game central to this location.  Back in September of 2012 VEEMEE unearthed this undisclosed lab lying low beneath Home’s surface.  The terrors trapped within were once subjects of study by our government, originally designed to survive in a post-apocalyptic world desolated by the effects of atomic radiation.  Initial experimentation produced positive results, but extended examinations exposed a  strong stubborn sparring spirit interested in nothing more than  infighting.  As such, exploration ended in the field of atomic genetics and the space remained sealed for decades.  Now the lab has re-opened its doors, the freaks are ready to fight, and VEEMEE’s inviting you in. 😉

“Every player gets 5 Free Plays

You can purchase more Creatures to fight at the nearby shop.
Creatures will also be available within your Apartment.

You can win 9 medals whilst playing the game and get a stylish cabinet to display them in your apartments (pg. 2 of the HGL Game Instructions)!”

* Game Play Coverage  *

by: Gabriel Arias


In this fighting game, both players will have three bars representing their health. Players must eliminate all their opponent’s bars by pressing a series of designated PlayStation buttons to increase their attack meter, thus performing their bar-eliminating attack. The more accurate you are with your timing, the greater amount you’ll generate, making it that much closer for you to reaching your goal. If you press the wrong button, your meter will reset back to nothing and you’ll need to try your absolute best to catch up to your opponent.


There are three attack sequences for each bar you eliminate, each one different according to how many bars your opponent is left with. ( The less bars your opponent has, the flashier your attack will be. ) The final finishing attack is unique to your chosen character, somewhat reminding me of professional wrestling. ^^


After claiming victory, the winning fighter will boast it’s win as the losing fighter is disposed in a “trash to the bin” manner, clearing out the ring for the new challengers ahead.

After a while we witnessed the creatures were confined to the inner area of the arena and thus were able to relax our guard a bit to have some fun.  Our first order of business, as usual, was the top-most header-image photo opportunity.  Ranked in rigid resolve with regards to the rival resistance of the mutated mammoths, we made our presence known to all that should the beasts break their barriers the Helghast would hold them off without hesitation and look good doing it. 😉  Next we deployed our markers to play our customary game of Four Corners.  Winning Round One was General Jarhead of 2nd Division, good job.  The winner of Round Two is a somewhat recent addition to our ranks, Private Diamond of 3rd Division you’ve made me proud.  Coming in as the winner of Round Three, Captain Slayer sealed 2nd Division as the night’s overall champions!

Background (Left to Right): General Jarhead, Private Diamond, Captain SlayerForeground (the night's Host): General Ventura

Background (Left to Right): General Jarhead, Private Diamond, Captain Slayer
Foreground (the night’s Host): General Ventura

Soon after, our night ended and we returned from the lab to the safety of our barracks.  What will we discover next Friday?  What challenges remain unconquered?  Join us next week to find out. 🙂

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