Ghastly Studios: Announcement & Updates

Foreground (Left to Right): Hyde, Champ, Ventura Background: Orpheo

Foreground (Left to Right): Hyde, Champ, Ventura
Background: Orpheo

Ghastly Studios welcomes you back this week with a minor announcement in addition to our usual updates.

Our announcement this week is a shifting in our post schedule.  Going forward expect monthly, rather than weekly, updates concerning the activities of Ghastly Studios.  In the interest of consistently informing you of our progress in a meaningful manner we will now be reporting our status on the first Wednesday of each month, so expect to read from us next on April 3rd, 2013.  Now on to this week’s updates.

As in weeks previous Ghastly Studios separated into two teams, the writers and the roleplayers.  Sealing themselves within the confines of a PSN whitebox chatroom (what I’ve come to think of as “the asylum”) the writers continue to toil away on story development and I’m happy to report some concrete measure of progress has been made.  Our lead writer on this project, Captain Trunz, has revealed that about two-fifths of the script has been completed.  We encourage their continued progress and are glad their work is going well.  Moving over to us roleplayers, we decided to take a brief break from our acting-enhancing activities this meetup.  Instead we decided to share amongst the group some of the many media influences we’ve experienced over the years to gain a greater grasp on each others artistic inspirations.  From film to music and games, from differing artists and their works, it was enlightening to see how similar some of our tastes are.  No doubt some of this shared ground causes us to connect on a certain level easing us into our proceedings and assisting in our endeavor to produce products of quality.  I’d say it goes deeper than just shared similarities, though.

More than the ability to act or a want to entertain, the members of Ghastly Studios strive to offer-up an array of artistic aspects inherent in each of us and developed through dutiful dedication in an effort to express our inner identities and collective consciousness.  We try to channel our ambitions, our dreams, and our hopes through our performances.  Who we are and what we portray is more than just the summation of a set of skills, it is heart.  We hope that the passion which resides within us reaches  you all and in some small way enlightens your day.  Thank you dear readers and viewers alike for your support and continued patience with us as we pursue our passion to produce these projects, we are ever grateful.

The curtain falls, but we’ll see you in the next scene come Wednesday, April 3rd. 🙂

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