Guns of the Helghast Grace Granzella’s Glittering Sands


Guns of the Helghast FG32213

March 22nd, 2013, Guns of the Helghast graced Granzella’s Glittering Sands Beach.

Developed by Granzella Inc. and released late last year, the Glittering Sands Beach lounge is a wide-open public space offering pleasant visuals and an assortment of beach-related activities.  Situated within a tropical climate, Granzella’s newest beach space welcomes with its warm weather, a sizeable stretch of sand, beautiful blue water, and gracious displays of greenery growing atop the more centralized high-rise terrain.

Of the aforementioned features the water is of particular note.  More than just a placid piece of scenery the beach’s warm waters await swarms of sprightly swimmers.  That’s right, real swimming; Granzella’s Glittering Sands Beach was the first public space to feature full-fledged swimming animations.  No more running through water as if it were air only to sink to the seabed below as in other spaces, now one can float amongst the gentle ripples along the sea’s surface in serenity.  This brings up another point, the site’s level of interactivity.

Guns of the Helghast at Gz beach2

From placement pads and chairs on the beach to beds housed within huts just off the shore, there’s plenty of room to recline for those just looking to lie around and lounge.  Also at the space is a photo booth and Granzella shop located in the nearest hut to the shore; within the store you’ll find furniture, personal spaces, clothes, and locomotion items all available for purchase as well as some new specialty items used only to their full extent when at Granzella’s Glittering Sands.

Released this past Wednesday are two cute suits wearable anywhere in HOME, a dolphin and a shark.  Each outfit bestows specific abilities when swimming in this space’s sea related to the chosen animal.  Those dressed as dolphins can dive and dash about, while those suited-up as sharks can skim just below the surface and splash out at unsuspecting swimmers.  The game mentioned in the above image involves one to two people boarding a floatation device, such as an inner-tube or inflatable orca, to ride around in style while posing for special photo-ops.  This past Wednesday another addition was made to the space, a reward of sorts for those owning or riding along on one of these devices.

Gz Roaring Bonfire

Further out than all can swim lies a small island with a treasure chest.  Contained within one will find this roaring bonfire perfect to set outdoors at night at your favorite woodsy or beach personal space to add to the atmosphere.  It was in search of this item, and for a bit of rest and relaxation, that Guns of the Helghast, led by Colonel Orga, did depart from the comforting confines of our barracks to pursue.

But first things first. As always we commemorate the beginning of each occasion with a photo, a visual representation of our group’s conquest of yet another space.  Afterwards we moved on to fully experiencing the area.  The air was clean, the water clear, and the weather bright and blue.  We might’ve removed the helms had it not been for the goggles built-in UV filters; never look directly at the sun little Helghasts and always utilize proper eye-safety if it’s provided.  Eventually we spied the small isle furthest from the coast containing the treasure we sought.  A few of our fellows managed to commandeer some inflatable transport before this expedition began and ferried us across to our prize.  Aye, it looked a bit silly but the appearance of a tool is minor so long as it’s able to accomplish its purpose.  Once everyone had collected the contents of the container it was time for us to return from whence we came, but not before a brief game of Four Corners.  Hurrah to Phoenix for his victory in this regard as the night’s champion and this week’s MVP.  Join us next week to see what other foreign shores we floated off to, Guns of the Helghast signing off.

Guns of the Helghast at Gz beach3

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