CN:Zebra*One Shot* Slender The Eight Pages

Due to unfortunate circumstances there is no video gameplay. Just Liz from  and CN:Zebra commentating while CN:Zebra played Slender The Eight Pages. Please take this video as a podcast.

2 responses to “CN:Zebra*One Shot* Slender The Eight Pages

  1. Glad you said “almost” lol. Actually half of half is 15 percent. So yeah, that is a low score lol.

  2. I like the idea of a “one shot.” cool concept. 🙂
    Yeah, you do sound like an anime girl when you get scared. 😉
    I enjoyed the occasional song sessions and it sounded like you & Liz had fun. 🙂
    Finding three pages isn’t bad, that’s almost half. 😉

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