Guns of the Helghast Ascend Atop Aurora

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Hail Helghast & Human readers alike!  Welcome to another Guns of the Helghast Friday PS Home Event.

March 29th, 2013, we were led by our creative Colonel Champ of 1st Division to the floating isles of Aurora.  This week’s location was chosen for a multitude of reasons.  First there’s the digital shout-out nDreams gives to Goth (GotH), thanks nDreams. 😉  Second there’s the space’s bright and jovial atmosphere which provides a perfect place for an Easter weekend celebration.  The isles of Aurora are awash with color; the beauty of its golden sky, the emerald-green grass, and the magnificent multitude of multicolored balloons that keep the isles aloft all serve to make one think that if the Easter Bunny were to keep a cottage among the clouds it’d be here.  Finally, Aurora just underwent an update to version 1.7 expanding the cap on obtainable xp to level 120.  Among the new additional awards are two locomotion items, an active item for the apartment, and a personal space.  Aside from the raised level-cap some changes have come to Aurora’s signature game, Orb Runner, with a slight cosmetic facelift and consumable items to assist in gathering xp.  In addition to Aurora there are a selection of other activities equally as appealing.

Aurora’s Mini Games Review

By: Gabriel Arias


Aurora’s OrbRunner: In this XP boosting mini game, your primary objective is to seek out as many orbs as possible before time runs out. You’re given about a minute to complete this task as you’ll be trying to find the quickest route possible to collect as many orbs before then. There are a few orbs however that can help or delay your progress depending on the order you choose to collect them. Each orb is color coated or patterned to highlight their unique ability, ( White Orbs are stationary and worth 5 points, Green Orbs float around and are worth 20 points, “Freeze Orbs” Purple-like Orbs that slowly follow you with the ability to freeze you in place for roughly five seconds, but have a worth of 25 points, “Time Reduction Orbs” a yellowish orb with a purple horizontal stripe that slowly seeks after you with an effect that lives up to its name, at a worth of 25 points, “Teleportation Orbs” are white orbs with wisps of purple smoke that can teleport you to a random location, that could take you closer or further from other orbs, but have a worth of a whopping 50 points. )

New types of orbs become available when equipping newly acquired unlockable goggles with your progression in OrbRunner. So go about it with the grace of a true tactician to land that ultra high score. 😉


Blimps: Unlike OrbRunner, in this mini-game there is no point system, time limit, reward items nor XP. It’s an all-out classic schoolyard game of tag, as you evade your way within a designated boundary from those who’ve been marked with orbiting yellow bars deeming themselves “it”. There are no winners or losers here, so no need to quit with rage unless you’re continuously outran by premium Blimps. These premium Blimps are available for purchase right from entering the game, varying in price depending upon how badly you wish to reign your terror. :p From the free complimentary default Blimp provided by nDreams, to the $5.99 “Gold Snotch”. These Blimps are classed from 4th to 1st, showing off their speed and maneuverability in the skies of Aurora.


Aurora’s SkyFishing: Tired from all the running around? Kick back, unwind and reel in the rewards at Aurora’s SkyFishing. 🙂 This will truly be a great mini-game for those in search of prizes and good ol’ peace and quiet time… Pretty much literally. No voice nor text chat here. But hey, still plenty of neat reward items to be unlocked!

Test your balancing skills while you fish for several different prizes in this fishing mini-game from nDreams. The task is to reel in your catch, while keeping your veering fishing bob leveled at the center of your meter, located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Be sure to avoid having your bob nearing the red borders, as your meter will fade to red warning you your line is about to break. Succeed in this task and you’ll be rewarded with some nifty reward items to decorate your personal spaces. One thing to keep in mind is some prizes differ in rarity and will take some dedicated play-throughs before acquiring them. For any of the fast item-hunters out there who has that extra buck to spare, premium fishing items will cut that time and can be purchased upfront in-game, individually or bundled at $3.99 . ^^

It was amidst this assortment of activities in Aurora that our night began.  As shown in the header image, we took a pic to commemorate our conquest of Aurora’s isles.  Adorned in our gothic garments we posed in front of nDreams’ ad offering new outfits in their gothic clothing line.  Pardon our pandering to this pun, but it was just too tempting to pass up. 😉   After the photo we moved about from one game to the next experiencing all of what Aurora has to offer: blimps, orb runner, sky-fishing, and other activities.  It was a very fun time for all and I look forward to our future return one day. 🙂  Following the festivities and shared conversations of our fellows we decided to float back to our barracks to close the night.  Even though all activities had ended there were still some announcements to be said.

During the last Friday of every month we set aside a portion of our time for promotions, if any are to be given; this March there were four.  First up from 1st Division was Richard, promoted from the rank of Corporal to Sergeant.  The final three promotions, I’m proud to say, all occur within 3rd Division.  Needles was promoted from the rank of Associate to Member.  Diamond, promoted from the rank of Member to Corporal (a two-position promotion is a rare thing indeed, and was based on outstanding attendance and performance).  Terra, promoted from the rank of Corporal to Sergeant.  A BIG congratulations to our promoted people this month, you’ve all done very well and we can see that the seeds of leadership lie within.  Promotions past, we progressed to the final portion of our night, a birthday bash!  Along with promotions, birthdays within Guns of the Helghast are celebrated at the end of every month.  March’s birthday babes were Colonel Champ of 1st Division and Colonel Loco of 2nd Division, a BIG congratulations to you two and we thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you! 🙂  Once the group had sung “Happy Birthday” to Champ and Loco the night finally reached its conclusion.  Thanks again to Colonel Champ for hosting such a fun night, thank you to all our great members new & old for your continued support, and thanks go out tonight to nDreams for allowing us all to play atop their fun floating isles of Aurora.

Join us next Monday to see where amongst the clouds we did drift.  Guns of the Helghast wishes each and every one of you an exciting and happy Easter weekend. 🙂


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  1. so much great ideas on the gathering on playstation home 🙂 also when you play a game on a open space on playstation home with your friends it becomes more enjoying 🙂

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