Ghastly Studios Celebrates Easter & A New Project


Greetings from Ghastly Studios!  We’re happy to be bringing you a new update on our progress and goings-on within our studio.

First off, we hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter last weekend because we sure did.  Meeting up during the week of Easter we split-off into our usual two groups for this project.  As in weeks past the writers of this upcoming skit sealed themselves away in a whitebox chatroom to further focus on script development.  To that end, I’m happy to say the story has come a good ways with the overall story concept being finished and only some specifics are needed to be filled-in and edited.  Moving over to the active bunch of roleplayers, we decided to have a bit of Easter cheer.  As can be seen in the header image above, we hopped off to Lockwood’s Midnight Glade public space dressed in chocolate bunny heads.  Now I can go on about how this was supposed to be some sort of acting exercise but in truth this was purely done in the name of fun. 🙂  We stood out amongst the stars gazing up at their soft glow, while our minds wandered and chins did waggle as we jabbered with each other down below.  It was nice getting out & about that night for a casual meetup as it doesn’t often happen, thanks go to Diamond for the recommendation. 🙂  Our most recent week, the one we’re still in, held an unexpected surprise for us.

Usually Ghastly Studios tackles but one creative task at a time, but an opportunity arose too tempting to pass up.  What activity, you might ask?  Well another machinima, of course, but this one must be fully developed and out the door by month’s end.  As such we’ve temporarily suspended work on our current project to focus wholeheartedly on this new one.  Worry not as we’ll resume work on our original project come next month.  This new project is going exceedingly well and we already have a rough script write-up finished and are working on completing all writing duties by the end of next week at the latest.  I’m proud to say the team of writers for this project is slightly larger than our previous, with Champ, Hyde, and myself adding our direct input to the creative process.  So, what can Ghastly Studios achieve in a scant month’s time?  Tune-in next month, May 1st, 2013, to find out.  Until next time. 🙂

One response to “Ghastly Studios Celebrates Easter & A New Project

  1. Ghastly Studios i like how we our a team when it comes to video ideas talking about doing a funny Ghastly Studios video story GUNS OF THE HELGHAST shows great work 🙂

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