PlayStation Home: LMO – Motorbikes (A KaptinFathead review)

Greetings everyone and welcome to my first official review here on Guns of the Helghast. Today we will be looking at some new PlayStation Home content, more specifically Lockwood’s LMO – Motorbikes

Now I recall it was was nDreams with their hoverbikes that were the first to tackle a Motorcycle like Locomotion item. Then it was Atom Republic, Granzella, and then Konami. So the question asked by many is “Why do we need more when we already have a wide selection to choose from?”. Granted those users do have a point as sometimes a wide selection of a similar item can be questionable, but in this case it’s fine. Lockwood has been known to add stunning realism in whatever they throw at PlayStation Home users and there LMO Motorbikes are no exception. If you watched the video (which I recommend to see what these Motorbikes can do) then you’ll notice the amount of detail put into them (a total of 8 in all, 4 purchasable while another 4 are available as gifts through the ‘Lockwood Gift Machine’).

Now I am in no means bashing other Home Devs when I say this, but the only motorcycles that even compare to Lockwood’s are Konami’s motorcyle locomotion items which where released some time back. Both are great, but personally I would recommend the Lockwood Motorbike’s. Why you may ask, well here’s the thing. It’s not about pricing (both reasonably priced) or the amount of variations (colors scheme’s for example), but the touches of detail that make it look and feel like a real motorcycle. Lockwood’s Motorbikes do just this.

The Motorbikes have exhaust fumes that animate from the exhaust pipe from the end, and the spinning tires and rims make it appear your bike is alive rather than a still/frozen item being able to move around. Something else notable is that there is no “boost” animation for your Locomotion item. Usually rid-able Locomotion items allow you to move faster by hitting down the ‘Square’ button on your controller, these Motorbike’s are unable to move faster. This can be seen as a good thing however, mainly because then the bikes will appear to move WAY to fast. The movement/pacing of the items is just right and so Lockwood made a smart decision with this in my opinion.

All in all, if you decide to go with the LMO – Motorbikes, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with your purchase/s. And don’t forget to check out my Youtube channel for more reviews related to PlayStation Home content (

(This is all opinionated and my review here does not reflect the opinions of others on the blog and within Guns of the Helghast.)

3 responses to “PlayStation Home: LMO – Motorbikes (A KaptinFathead review)

  1. I’m really liking the fact Lookwood has giftable versions of the motorcycles. Shout out to Richard! =]

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