My Top 5 Anime Pet Peeves



5. Characters that come back after being killed numerous times.

Explanation: Characters who come back from being killed numerous times is quite an annoyance. A one time resurrection can be very epic depending on how that character dies and comes back and it can greatly solidify an anime’s “wow factor” but after many deaths a character loses value. I feel as though DBZ is the repeat offender in this case. I still love you though DBZ.


4. Anime with TOO many episodes and spin-offs

Explanation: Opinions may vary when it comes to the words “too many” but after a while there isn’t much a series can do. There can’t be much a series has left to offer. The main plot is basically in shambles and it’s all about making up nothing fillers that disguise themselves like they’re actually going somewhere with the story. Robotech and Pokemon are ultra guilty of this and it’s time to put an end to it. Thanks for the memories of the episodes when these series both started out.


3. Wish fulfillment characters

Explanation: Characters that have everything go their way without logical reasoning is absolutely terrible. There’s a difference between having good luck and a character who can’t be beat in a situation that looks downright impossible. It makes the anime predictable and in some cases boring. The main character from Sword Art Online is guilty of this on many occasions.


2. Terrible English Dubs

Explanation: I can stomach an okay English dub or rather just barely adequate but when your voicing sounds like you recorded it in a plastic cup and the speech doesn’t match the manga in the slightest, you have a problem and that’s where i stop watching. Rurouni Kenshin Englsh dub should be charged with murder. They butchered it and got away with it.


1. Useless characters

Explanation: If you have no use being somewhere would you go there? Exactly. I hate characters that have no business being in an anime. It’s like that one annoying person at work that always asks you for your stapler. You hate seeing them. Shonen anime is the main genre of anime that is afflicted by useless characters. The nurse from Highschool of the Dead is the poster child for useless characters that are always in the way (well to me at least).

4 responses to “My Top 5 Anime Pet Peeves

  1. The Rurouni Kenshin english dub is awesome, what dub were you watching? You probably watched the Sony dub which is widely regarded as the inferior as opposed to the superior mediablasters dub

  2. Haha, good article. šŸ˜‰

    Hmm, I would add “Too many Flashbacks.” Having one every now and then is okay, but when almost half an episode is dedicated to just one, or a collection of, flashback(s), there’s something wrong. This also extends to animes that have multiple flashbacks throughout their series.

  3. Though not an anime, DBZ Bodukai will always bring back nice memories especially taking bikes outside and bending them in half when Broly kicks my rear on the hardest difficulty while using Krillin!

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