PlayStation Home: Konami Anime Wave 2 costumes

Who doesn’t love Anime? If there’s one thing I can say, is that MANY people on PlayStation Home do (including myself).

Konami recently released brand new Anime costumes with several custom animations that you can make them perform (R1, scroll down to the bottom, hit x, enjoy). There are a total of 4, 2 of them being for male avatars and 2 for female avatars. Also there are 4 different color schemes for each costume so If you want to get technical there are a total of 16 costumes. Some may find that these costumes and their animations resemble the looks and moves of notable Anime characters, whether this was intentional or not isn’t that big of a deal as they all look GREAT.

There is however one thing that I know will shake some heads, and it’s not about the costumes themselves. For those who know of Konami on PlayStation Home and their past items there is one thing that many users have complained about, and this would be the pricing of items. Be it the SuperStar Jetsetter personal space or the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing, the pricing of Konami’s items can get rather expensive. These Anime costumes cost $4.99 each and to add further frustration there is no bundle for them.

So here’s the question, are they really worth the price tag? If you ask me, I’d say yes If you’re a fan of Anime attire on PlayStation Home. As seen above I do have a video to show how these costumes look and function. I try to present them in the best way possible so that YOU have accurate information and a proper demonstration presented before you hit that ‘Purchase’ button. Be sure to check out more articles on the blog here and check out my Youtube page ( to see additional PlayStation Home video’s.

3 responses to “PlayStation Home: Konami Anime Wave 2 costumes

  1. Agree the costumes look neat but also agree that the price is a bit steep. If they were cheaper I’d be tempted to buy the male costumes but at that price point I’ll hold off for now.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Gaming and Anime, two passions that go so well together. =] Konami’s so awesome to be dishing out content such as these. Great video as always! (^^)b

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