CN:Zebra Play’s: Nifflas Within A Deep Forest (Pinewood Heights) FINAL

CN:Zebra finally finds out what is that disturbance in her new laptop and this is the last installment of Nifflas Within A Deep Forest before she starts a new game. Enjoy!

3 responses to “CN:Zebra Play’s: Nifflas Within A Deep Forest (Pinewood Heights) FINAL

  1. Regarding the glass ball and the pipe. I tried multiple times to gingerly drop the glass ball near the pipe but it just shatters every time. I even tried it right now the way you suggested without recording just to be certain it could be done….It can’t 😦

  2. I’m glad you gave Hamilton a chance. 😉

    “Hulk no SMASH!” haha

    Thanks for all the vids, I’ve enjoyed them a lot. I’m a bit sad to see you stop playing Niffla’s; I was curious about that last stage you were playing and overall how the game ended.

    I was also thinking how you might’ve been able to get the glass ball to that light teleporter. What if you saved above the nearby house, switched to glass, then tried bouncing gently from right to left into the silver pipe? From there it shouldn’t be hard to take the ball the rest of the way.

    Maybe one day you’ll go back and play this some more, I hope so. Regardless, thanks for the laughs and I look forward to seeing your future videos. 🙂

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