Guns of the Helghast Engage Edo’s Onis

Guns of the Helghast FG41913

Hello and Greetings from Guns of the Helghast.

Another Friday, another fun-filled event.  Last week we joined the peaceful people of the Great Edo of Nippon.  Developed by Granzella Inc. and released on January 5th, 2012, in the US, the Great Edo is a great place to immerse one’s self in the quaint atmosphere of the Orient.  Directly inspired by the Edo era of Japanese history, this public space looks imaginably authentic with its architecture, apparel, and soundtrack.  Edo is a district decorated to reflect what Granzella’s website calls, “the sum and essence of Japan,”  Approaching this space with the background of a foreigner who has seen plenty of movies based in old-world Japan, it seems to be generally accurate; think the more urban setting from “The Last Samurai.”  All of Edo is surrounded by majestic mountains off in the distance, its buildings are constructed simply and divided by two main perpendicular dirt roads, and the whole setting rests beneath a beautiful blue sky.  At least, that’s assuming it’s morning; the Great Edo of Nippon has a working day / night cycle.  At night after the sun has set, the moon comes out, the lanterns come on, and light can be seen emanating from within the houses along the main roadways.  A nice touch is that sometimes silhouettes are seen of people seated within those buildings giving the impression that there are more inhabitants than can be seen, which makes the place seem more real.  The soundtrack of the space, some stringed instrument, sets a charming mood that makes one smile and feel like the space is alive with activity.  And alive it is, in this space one will speak with many an NPC and interact with a shop and a few fun and rewarding games.

Just before reaching the center of Edo, a mini-game and shop are encountered.  Along the left of the main road is a building filled with photo booths called “Everyone’s Picture.”  Using special GZ Tickets one is able to take snap-shots with various NPCs while in front of different backgrounds around Edo.  This provides a nice memento of one’s time at Edo and will appear in a Photo folder on the PlayStation 3’s XMB for easy sharing to others via a quick PSN message or up-loadable to a popular image-sharing website online.  Along the right side of the main road is Edo’s storefront called “Draper Store.”  Within can be purchased specially priced item value packs, including bundles of the aforementioned GZ Tickets.  Also on sale are furniture, companions, locomotions, personal / club spaces, and clothing, some of which boosts certain stats within this space’s main game.  Beyond “Everyone’s Picture” and the “Draper Store” the point at which Edo’s two main roads intersect is reached.

At the very center of Edo one will find a mini-game and two interesting displays.  The mini-game is called “Goldfish Scooper” and involves carefully catching small fish in a net.  For each fish-type caught a reward is won in the form of a small fish figurine, and if all types are captured then an additional prize is earned, a fishbowl carried in a net that’s equipable as a hand item.  Across from “Goldfish Scooper” is an interactive display called “Demon Suppression Ranking.”  This ranking is a leader-board which tracks the positioning and points of participants in Edo’s main game.  Anyone can use this ranking to see how they rate against the best or merely among their friends, a nice option.  Set before the leader-board is the center’s second display, a video screen.  Currently airing is an ad for Granzella’s relatively new personal space, the Japanese Tea House.  Down the left side of the road perpendicular to the initial main one, and just around the bend, is the Edo Fair.

Edo’s Fair consists of four food and beverage vendors along with a mini-game.  While the vendors don’t actually sell anything it adds to the atmosphere.  Also, speaking with each vendor gifts a free furniture item in resemblance to whatever the merchant is supposedly selling.  At the end of this vendor group stands a man before a booth called the “Shooting Gallery.”  In this mini-game the objective is to shoot small figurines off a tri-tiered display using a blowgun.  There are five different blowguns to choose from, each varying in dart speed and weight; choose whichever feels more natural or learn to shoot well with one which catches the eye.  Regardless of which blowgun is chosen five darts are all one will have to fire with, so make those shots count.  Shooting a figurine off its shelf will result in the winning of that figurine as a furniture item displayable within a personal space.  Should those shots miss their mark worry not too much as the game can be played up to three times per day.  This allows for an extra 10 dart shots before having to call it quits till the morrow.  Free to play and with free rewards it’s worth the time to check out this mini-game.  To the opposite side of Edo, down the right side of the road perpendicular to the initial main one, and again around a bend, lies a largely sectioned-off space which is thought to be private living areas.

This area is mostly walled-in with only two entrances / exits.  The many rooms within these large wooden homes are quite tiny having space for little more than a bed and a chair or two.  Such humble dwellings support the notion of a humble and peaceful people, peaceful due to the close proximity of other inhabitants and the understanding that the volume one makes must directly impact their neighbors’ quality of in-home dwelling.  Aside from the living spaces there is yet another mini-game to be found, one called “Straw bundle for practice.”  This is actually a training game of sorts for Edo’s main game.  Focused more on familiarizing the player with weapon control and movement rather than enemy tactics or group strategy, this is a very basic entry-point into the main experience that will act as the foundation upon which one’s personal play-style will build upon after a plethora of play-throughs.  Training in this game will also gift one with the bamboo training sword as a free hand item and will be tethered to the waist.  The second entryway to this sectioned-off space leads back out to the initial main road on the opposite side of the intersecting road, revealing two more places of interest.

Edo’s Bathhouse, along with the entryway into Edo’s main game, are the final two points of interest in this space.  Edo’s Bathhouse, being the closer of the two locations, is a place of rest and relaxation.  Upon entry one will suddenly become wrapped in bath towels, shedding everything save for one’s hat and eye-wear.  At the back of the bathhouse is a red wooden blockade allowing passage beneath.  Just beyond this blockade is a steaming hot bath set to welcome all with a nice soak; a perfect place to unwind and chat with friends after a long day of slicing down foes in Edo’s main game.  Exiting the bathhouse re-equips one’s original wardrobe; after all the bath towels are only loaners and one can’t simply walk around Edo naked, it’d be indecent.  Once outside the bathhouse one need only turn left and walk a little to finally reach Edo’s main attraction, “Operation: Defend Edo.”  This game consists of slaying oni (Japanese demons) in order to secure the inhabitants’ safety, earn points for place-specific purchases, and move up in position on the “Demon Suppression Ranking” leader-board.  Corporal Jiin of 1st Division was gracious enough to provide a walk-through, along with some tips, on how to survive and slay oni like a man possessed.

The Edo Defense Game

This guide will hopefully help you if you’re having trouble with the Edo defense game in PlayStation Home.  First things first, you will need a sword.

To get a Free Sword – When you spawn-in, run down to the end of the map right before you get to the old lady.  There is a path off to the right, take it and go left to the wooden pole.  There you will play a sword game where you hack and slash at the wooden post.  This game will acquaint you with the controls.  Nothing else happens with the game, no matter what the trolls may tell you.

XP – Next thing, if you actually want to beat the game within the allotted amount of time (20 minutes), you have to buy a sword as there really isn’t enough time to beat everything with a bamboo sword.  Also the Sardine Seller Outfit has the strongest weapon (new weapons have been released since), so far as I know.  I personally just use the Renowned Sword.

Then there’s Armor – You don’t really need armor if you’re good at not getting hit.  I use the Dokuganryu Armor set.  It has plus 3 armor and plus 1 attack.  Which brings my stats to 79 attack and 39 defense.  With this I can kill all the minions with 2 hits and the lantern with 1.

Combined with the Edo Row Houses Personal Space, I have only to make it back to the house to get infinite health.  Since the Row Houses give you a space to heal in game.  Everything will cost about 10-15 USD but it’s worth it to me since I play a lot and I don’t see the point in buying the one-time use health items for .99 cents.

One other thing, if you play the game while in group chat.  You won’t be able to talk to each other, even in the activity channel.  I don’t know why.  Now on to the bosses.

The Bosses

The green cyclops will always take 5 steps before attacking.  His 3 attacks are: poison gas, a double sweeping attack, and a single sweeping attack.  He’ll pause for about 2 seconds before attacking.  If you get hit by his gas attack you have to press circle repeatedly until he lets go.  Without armor this will take a lot of your health.  (This is where a friend comes in handy.)
*You only need to to kill the green cyclops to win.*

The red monster has 2 attacks and won’t bother you unless you get close or your in front of him.  He will attack you without warning.  He has 2 attacks, one close range single swipe and one long range charge.  If you get hit by either attack you will become dizzy.  At this point you have to move the joystick back and forth but you will probably get hit again and it will take most, if not all, of your health.

The other boss is a red and silver house looking creature.  The bottom is covered in metal and the only opening is in the very front.  This creature will slowly walk around the east side of the map, turning in a circle and stopping once it gets near you.  His only attack is when he stops and stomps on the ground.  This will knock you down if you’re in range but won’t do significant damage if you’re wearing armor.  Also no side-effects will plague you should you get knocked down.  Those are all the major / minor bosses.

The Minions

Now onto a couple minions people need to know about, these can be minor annoyances or things to avoid completely.

The first one is the Green orbs.  These little green glowing balls of light should be avoided at all costs.  Since they cannot be killed they will only end up hurting you in the process.

The other minion that can be a bit of a nuisance is the fire-breathing lanterns.  They have an eye symbol on them and shoot fireballs at you continuously.  The easiest way to kill them is stand directly underneath them and just do a normal slash with the sword.  If you don’t have a sword then a jumping attack will work also.

Strategy (Walk-through)

So, now we are gonna talk about my strategy for getting through the Edo Defense game in 10 minutes.  When you spawn in the beginning I generally kill the 2 or 3 creatures in front of me, then I head left and clear out the creatures in there.  Since I have the Edo Row Houses I don’t have to worry about running into a horde of monsters when my health is low.  Then I heal myself just to be safe.  Then I head out the west doorway and take out the guy guarding the door.  Then I fight the first boss.  There’s a couple lanterns there so be sure to take them out first.

Part One

Then, head to the middle.  Here’s where it might get a little confusing but it’s simple enough to use divide and conquer.  Run up to the red guy and get him to charge at you.  Make sure to block.  Try to lure him to a door-way so that way if he hits you, he won’t be able to get to you while you’re stunned.  Attack him a couple of times then run away or block.  Do this a few times and he should go down.  Of course if you don’t want to beat him just lure him far enough away that he won’t attack you.  After that is done I head back and kill what’s left of the minions in the center.

Part Two

This next boss is also optional and easier to avoid but I always kill him.  So head to the east if you wanna try your hand at beating the house.  (Totally unintended ban pun. Ha ha =op)  So, there’s a lantern or two over here so kill them first.  Then, run in front of the house.  He’ll float around in a clockwise pattern.  Attack him dead-center till he stops, then back-up to avoid getting knocked down.  Then do it again.  He’s not much stronger than one of the minions.

Part Three

Now for the last part of your quest.  Make your way back to the center and go north to the last boss you have to beat.  There’s a couple fans and some lanterns on the walls, take out the lanterns first.  There’s four on the west wall and like two on the other.  Then kill the fans.  Then just repeat the steps from the first cyclops.  If you are successful a timer will appear on the screen, it gives you roughly 3 minutes to find the exit and run to the finish, but wait, there are three endings.

The Endings

First ending with 20 green flames floating back and forth at the north exit.  Time your steps to avoid getting hit.

The second ending at the east exit.  The green minions with fiery red hair lined up on both sides of the exit.  You can choose to run right past them and have them chase you to the end of the bridge or you can approach them two at a time and kill them that way.

The third ending  is filled with umbrellas.  You can either run past them or defeat them.  This being said it depends on how many strikes it takes to kill each minion.  I say kill as many of them as you can till you’re almost out of time then run towards the exit.


If you made it to the exit, congratulations!!!  You’ve beaten the game.  You’ll see your score broken down.  How many of each monster you killed, how many souls you got, and how much money you made.  But wait, what about the rotten watermelon???  In each level there’s 4 treasure chests.  Sometimes they’ll be sparkling.  If they are just run over it and you’ll get an item.  I believe there’s only 2 or 3 items.
The four locations are:

  1. In the bath house on the top floor.
  2. Behind the bath house by the tower. This space is filled with green glowing flames so be careful.
  3. The row houses in the southwest corner.
  4. And by the north exit on the right side of the bridge.

Once you beat the game you can use the money you earned to buy some items to decorate your personal spaces.  Also, go talk to the vendors in Edo afterwards.  Since someone killed all the spirits they got their merchandise back.  They are so grateful they’ll give you one item each.

Miscellaneous things to know

  1. You can’t hear anyone once you enter the game and they can’t hear you.
  2. You all see different minions, only the bosses are in the same place.
  3. Activity channel is useless.
  4. In group battle you can re-enter the same game with your friends if you die.

That’s it, I hope this helps.  Good luck!!!

Thank you again, Jiin.

While the people of Edo are peaceful and the scene is so serene, a darkness stirs in the shadows of a fear that remains unseen.  Yes, I’m talking about the onis of Edo; those foul creatures from the nether-realm who seek only to spread mayhem and mischief wherever they may dwell.  They are unjust, unfair, and undisciplined.  In a desire to “re-educate” these rascally rogues, Guns of the Helghast set off on another adventure to the Great Edo of Nippon.

Guns of the Helghast Great Edo Of Nippon

Upon arrival we made our presence known to Edo’s inhabitants by lining-up and standing firm for a photo, as seen in the image above.  From there we split-off into two teams, those selected for conflict and those prepared to preserve the peace.

The first team, the confrontationalists, was directed by the host of the night’s event, Commander Sons.  We headed down the main path in Edo till we reached the wooden sign that would send us where we needed to go, an otherworldly version of the village itself.  At first us Helghast stood aghast to the ghoulish figures roaming beyond the barely believable safety of a wooden fence.  Upon closer inspection a single samurai was witnessed taking on the entire horde.  Such valor is to be commended, and mimicked in multiplicity by the members of our group, after all, there’s our reputation to consider.  As battle-hardened soldiers of Helghan we hold a code of fierceness in battle that none can touch; there’s an honor to being a Gun of the Helghast!  In honor of the samurai’s bravery we set about equipping ordinary arms of the area, in lieu of our standard military munitions.  With large clubs and sharp swords we set-out to teach those foul fiends a lesson.  And teach them we did.  Loading into a full eight-person unit we hopped over the fence separating us from our prey and began to attack away.   Hacked limbs, spurting blood, crushed skulls; it was glorious!  The echoes of their cries rang throughout the encounter, none could stand in our way.  The game was ours, it was won!  We destroyed them utterly, salvaged a town from evil, feasted on the carcasses of our fallen foes* (the tasty-looking ones, at least) and traveled back to rendezvous with our comrades.

Our fellow Helghast who stayed behind opted to tend to the town’s inhabitants, to make sure they remained safe ‘lest any monsters slip past our invasion of annihilation.  After judging it secure, they were free to engage in Edo’s other entertaining activities.  Catching small fish to take back home, buying some local apparel, grabbing a bite to eat from the vendors, taking a tour of the living areas, and testing their aim at the shooting gallery.  Ahh, the shooting gallery; I feel rather bad for the bloke who runs that booth as we likely won every doll he owns.  Even with “guns” we’re not trained to handle, a Gun of the Helghast never misses their mark. 😉  We wanted to take another photo at the “Everybody’s Picture” photo shop but we couldn’t all quite fit in.  Also, it’s apparently not allowed to enter their booths for victory photos with severed heads, something about blood staining the floorboards, oh well.

After reconvening at central Edo and celebrating our success we decided to depart the town and headed back home.  It was a joyous ride back as we told war tales, sang songs of conquest, and shared stories of our separate endeavors back at Edo.  It was a good time and worthy entry in our war journals.  So, where shall we be headed next?  Hmm, good question.  Join us next Monday to find out what worlds, of the nether-kind or whatnot, we wind-up wandering off to.  Guns of the Helghast salutes you, until next time. 🙂

*Side-note: Consuming demon flesh causes heartburn, so avoid.  Who knew?

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