Ghastly Studios Tweaks Timetables & Appoints A New Co-Host


Hello and welcome to the month’s new Ghastly Studios update.

Last month I informed everyone that Ghastly Studios had taken on a new creative task, a second machinima project.  We did work long and hard to produce something of quality, a skit which we could be proud of and one you’d enjoy viewing.  However, as of the writing of this article that project has yet to be completed.  Due to a combination of increased inspiration, rigorous recording, and earnest editing our detailed development has been delayed.  Ahh, “Art is long, and Time is fleeting,” so suitably sayeth Longfellow.  I know this may disappoint some of you, and to those viewers I do apologize, but it was within the best interests of ourselves and our viewers that this film has yet to finish.  It was possible to produce the project within the allotted time, but we felt the quality of that production would be sub-par compared to previous efforts.  It is always the aim of Ghastly Studios to deliver works of consistent quality in all areas.  We take these processes very seriously and in no way want to deliver a disservice to our fans with something below expectations.  Fear not though, we are still planning to bring you this skit in its entirety when it’s ready.  When we have something more concrete to share on its arrival we’ll let you know.

Talking of timetables, Ghastly Studios has shifted to seasonal development.  This means there will be longer stretches of time dedicated to delving back into the nature of our creativity between productions.  Not wanting to overexert ourselves or too deeply diminish our dramatic depths due to a dedicated determination to deliver on deadline, we have decided to produce fewer productions while maintaining or perhaps increasing the quality of our work.  We know you like watching what we do and we enjoy enabling our entertainment to be eyed by such an enthusiastic audience.  Hopefully this process will provide an increase in inspired productivity among our performers and a more pleasurable viewing experience for you.

Our final bit of information this month is the announcement of a new co-host to Ghastly Studios.  Due to a further focus on my education I have resigned my position in favor of someone more than up to the task.  Bringing a unique mix of colorful creativity and a hearty love for our community, I am happy to hand things over to Hyde.  Being a highly valued asset to both Guns of the Helghast and Ghastly Studios, Hyde has provided inspiration, shown dedication, and gained the admiration of all surrounding peers.  I have complete faith in Hyde’s ability to assist studio director Champ in all her ambitions and more. 🙂

So what’s next in store for Ghastly Studios?  You’ll have to join us next month, June 5th, 2013, to find out.  Till then keep dreaming, stay daring, and start doing; Ghastly Studios bids you goodnight.

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