Hyde Seeks: Vol. 1

Hallo dear Drooges. Hyde here to share some fun treats with you. I will start by apologizing on the lateness of this upload. I’m quite the nubblet when it comes to this, so bare with me.

Here’s a personal favorite of mine. This prettiful unicorn will rear back to display it’s gorgeous awesomeness.

This tough-lookin fellow will scurry around like the creeper he is. but wait, there’s more! At full running speed, he”ll soar around to terrorize all the little companions. Mwahahahahaha.

This little hell-bound pooch will silently growl at all who mess with it’s inner owner. Good guard dog.

What’s this? A griffon? Hazzah! This fellow is sure of himself, no doubt. He will strut around like the proud mythical creature that he is. If you want to really show who’s boss, he can fly around like the majestic beast that he is.

I have my lovely assistant to model our final bit. This is the newest x7 freebie. Ladies, show off you inner amazonian with this fierce new top.

Hope you all enjoyed this little sneak peak of x7 goodies. I will continue to showcase whatever I pick up from the club.

Just a reminder. I will happily answer any question my fellow users have about Home. I will post my responses when I receive them.

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