Pictures from E3 2013


Over 200 pics from E3 & LA on my Facebook!  I’m not sure if people can view the album if they don’t have a Facebook but I’m gonna post the link to the album & if it’s not possible to view without an account sum1 let me know, cuz the album is open to the public so there shouldn’t be any restrictions unless Facebook doesn’t allow people to view without an account.

3 responses to “Pictures from E3 2013

  1. Thought I’d throw this out there for everyone in case they missed the pics, too.

    While typing up the GotH 5 – Year Anniversary RSVP request blog post I linked back to this page. The Facebook link in Gamer’s E3 post never worked for me before as I don’t have a Facebook account, but for some reason now it is! 🙂

    206 pictures!!! Holy cow, that’s a lot of coverage. 🙂 Way to go in compiling all those images, I really felt like I was with you & Sons all along the way. 🙂 There’s even some pics you took that I never saw elsewhere like the live – action Helghast troop.

    Thanks again for your awesome coverage, Gamer. Anyone who has yet to see these photos should try again now, they’re grrrreat! 😉

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  3. Looks like a Facebook account is needed to view your pics but thanks a lot for your coverage & contributions. Since most people have Facebook I’m guessing they’ll get to see everything and I imagine it’s grand. 🙂

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