CN:Zebra *One-Shot* Dread Out

I honestly had high hopes for this demo but unfortunately the language barrier hinders effective game play. Hopefully Digital Happiness will have this little hiccup fixed before they officially release the full version.

3 responses to “CN:Zebra *One-Shot* Dread Out

  1. Carlos, maaaaan I am not even going to go there with this demo. Hope the developers do listen to the feedback and take it into consideration before they wrap up production for the release.

  2. Creepy game, I enjoyed this One Shot. If all the bugs are fixed in the finished version I’d like to see you play the final release.

    So you wouldn’t let your daughter have creepy friends? Creepy people need friends, too. 😉

    I agree that walk was too long, even after you figured out how to run it seems like it took too long to get back into the living world. I think the devs should shorten it. It was nice seeing Hamilton helping you a bit during your second time in the afterlife, or was that a distant relation? 😉

    Looks like you just turned the demo off after your last death. 😉 From the screen it looks like there may’ve been a secret exit from that place, it looked like a white aura was appearing around your screen near the candles, it was just tinged with red since you were being attacked. Maybe you just had to run around until you found the secret exit without attacking the monsters. ::shrugs::

    Thanks again for another Let’s Play vid, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

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