Charcoal Champion

Hey there and welcome to Pier park. Some of you may have noticed that a few things have changed around here since the alleged end of the world. For example no more alien space craft. And people are all excited to celebrate the 4th of July weekend here on PlayStation Home. In a few days there will be a celebration of our ancestors declaring their freedom from Great Britain. and imposing their will on the kindly Native Americans. So, to help make sure things go off without a hitch. Ribbie the Rib and Sony have put together a cookout extravaganza. To help you get ready to celebrate America’s birthday.

First things first, you’ll want to declare your allegiance for your country. So go ahead and equip which ever flag suits your fancy. Then head over and talk to Ribbie to start your quest to become the Charcoal Champ.

To get ready for the fourth there is only one choice to choose from. But there are 5 different courses and 10 sub-divisions to beat.


In every challenge you’ll be given a condition for passing. Such as cooking all the meat in a certain amount of time. Or fulfilling so many orders. Also you can choose to buy 4 different power-ups. Each of which will affect gameplay in a unique way. Rub makes chicken steak and ribs perfect. The lighter fluid will instantly cook all the meat on the grill. The special sauce will season all the food at once. And the soda will slow the clock down for a limited time.

Time to cook. Select the first challenge. On the screen the food will be displayed on the left. The number of food items to cook above that. The grill in the middle with the clock sitting on top and the seasoning on bottom. And the finished plates with condiments below.

To choose a seasoning or condiment. Hit R1 or L1 and press triangle. You can also flip the food around to make more room with the R2 and L2 triggers. The grill is divided into 3 sections. The left (blue) is the coldest so the food will take the longest to cook. The right (yellow) is medium heat and the middle (red) is the hottest. You’ll need to take this into account when cooking on a timed challenge.

If you do well. You’ll be rewarded with an assortment of 5 different prizes. Including your very own Ribbie the Rib companion.

Now get out there and show those ISA scum how a real Helghast cooks!!!

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