The Last of Us Game Night comes to Guns of the Helghast

The Last of Us was a highly anticipated title released last month available only on PlayStation®3. This Naughty Dog exclusive is scheduled to run Saturday night. For more information please check our PlayStation Home event schedule located at the top right of our home page.

The online multiplayer consists of the fiercest 4v4 you will ever experience and survival is the goal. Choose from four classes: Assault, Sniper, Support, and Stealth. There are also four more slots that are able to be customized to your liking. Want to have the stealth primary of a bow & arrow and the kick power of a revolver as your secondary? No problem. A loud burst rifle with a silenced 9mm? No problem. Like Naughty Dog’s previous epic trilogy The Last of Us has a variety of skills (first aid training, covert training, brawler, crafter, and many more) that can help you survive in the world of Hunters versus Fireflies. The ranking system is different but can be distinguished by having your clan survive the 12 weeks goal. Your rank is determined by the number of in-game weeks you’ve been playing. For example: I have played 38 in-game weeks so my rank will look something like this 38//. You automatically start off with the two diagonal stripes. Considering the fact that I have accomplished the 12 week goal of clan survival, twice (2 dots), I have earned the dots next to my rank 38://. The multiplayer is awesome, the story is epic, and Naughty Dog once again comes through with a masterpiece.

I have unlocked all of the emblem tools & images. After 2 weeks of playing around and editing I’ve come up with this (suggestions are welcome):

TLOU G.o.t.H. emblem

TLOU G.ot.H. emblem2

2 responses to “The Last of Us Game Night comes to Guns of the Helghast

  1. The last of us online it’s not about run and gun it’s about team work because of Phoenix I got in to the online game
    I finally got us to the game play this game is great to play with your friends 🙂

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