CN:Zebra: The Problem With Youtube.

Hey everyone. This is Code Name: Zebra, obviously. I just want to tell you guys that my Youtube channel is constantly being flagged for stupid $%^& and I’m getting fed up with it. My video showcasing the Indonesian horror game called Dread Out got flagged thanks to a Youtube user called BelieveSAS. Now I’m not the only Youtube user he has targeted so if any of my fellow helghast brothers and sisters’s Youtube accounts get flagged because of him…well, can’t say I didn’t warn you. He has absolutely nothing to do with Dread Out’s music or game development and yet he continues to target other Youtube users claiming utter nonsense about copyright infringement. After I disputed his claim I read that abusing the copyright claims will result in account deletion. I can only hope and pray that justice will be served and this @$$hat will get what’s coming to him and my reputation is restored.

With that out of the way, I’ve been wanting to create my own website to archive all my videos better. If indeed my Youtube account gets deleted thanks to this ISA scumbag then my apologies to all my helghan brethren for I will not have a site to link my videos to so you won’t see a new video from me in a long while till I find another means of hosting my content. Three of my videos are already blocked from Germany viewing them because of my ending theme song, Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega. As far as I know under fair usage laws, you can use videos, sounds, music, etc in your videos as long as you give full credit. If my account stays in tact after the dispute with the ISA scumbag then I’ll start posting my videos without Suzanne’s Tom’s Diner. It just makes me incredibly angry to have to lower the quality of my videos like that. I want to set an appropriate mood while the credits roll. Excuse me Youtube for not being a lazy producer just like your mass contributors that pose in front of a mirror, point their pixelating phone cams in a echoing public restroom and just spew random gibberish they call their gospel. You would think Youtube would want to attract sponsor-worthy contributions. You know, videos that actual businesses want to…hmm, I don’t know….DO business with them. But I digress, my point here is not about money.

In fact, I have Monetize turned off so I’m not even making money off my videos. That’s right, I’m doing this purely for the love of it and not earning a red cent from it. I have applied to a few months ago but they rejected my application claiming my video is of “low quality”. They never specified what “low quality” they spoke of.

It breaks my heart even to think about not making my Let’s Plays anymore. All my life I always wanted my own tv show and now when I have the chance ISA scumbags try to take it away from me. I’ve never verbally said it but I will right now. I am eternally grateful to for letting me post my videos on here. Like I mentioned, rejected me and Youtube is not liking me very much lately. But never rejected a single post I made, never. They never criticized me and never made any demands. All the blog staff ever said was, “Do what you love,” and I took it to heart. Without these guys I don’t know if anyone would’ve ever saw my content. It just hurts knowing the hard work I put into making my content would be for nothing should I have no place to showcase them. I hope still loves my stuff and I hope this partnership leads to a lifetime.

I will keep you guys posted should my youtube account be deleted. I at least owe you guys that much.

One response to “CN:Zebra: The Problem With Youtube.

  1. It’s good to see your YouTube channel still up and your videos still being produced. I’m glad whatever the dispute was between that SAS fellow & YouTube is over and you can post again unhindered. šŸ™‚

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