Hyde Seeks: Vol. 5

Well….. We have a BIG bunch of goodies for you guys this week. Prepare for lots of pretty pictures.

Hey all. Hyde here. Me n’ the drooges are gonna show you our favorite joint.

Alright. Here we are. Welcome to Veemee’s 50’s diner. Why don’t we show you all the great items you get in the bundle.

You get everything you need to decorate your place to make it a swingin’ hit.

(chair, table, burger, hot dog, sundae, shake, and napkin dispenser included in bundle)

They even hook you up with these sweet bar stools.

Jam with your best Drooges with the jukebox.

Along with the built in jukebox, you get this rad mini version you can put in any space.

(4 furniture slots)

We have these phone booths so you can call your honeys back home.

So you can finally keep track of your profits, you’ll receive this functioning register (2 furniture slots) and this coffee machine complete with steaming animation (2 furniture slots).

Want your music a bit more compact? Course you do.  The mini table jukebox has a list of great retro tunes to choose from.

(4 furniture slots)

Let’s take a look outside.

Need a quick drink? We have you covered, man.

Now around back here we have the restoOH MY GOD!

“Hey, occupado!”

Sorry dude! I thought… oh geeze. Someone get the images out of my mind, please.

Special shout out to our Ghastly Studios/Blog Team

(from left to right): Sons-of-Helghan, gamer_316, nOObSLAYER, jiin_kun, us_champion_jc, and scarredmrhyde

Taking a Whovian turn now.

We are not alone… And neither are they! Daleks, (2 furniture slots)  the iconic killing machines will come in assorted colors. The emotionally-neutral Cybermen (4 furniture slots) have but 1 look. But hey, they ARE all about assimilation. Both come with motion and proximity sensitive animations along with phrases from the show.

How could we forget a Timelord’s best friend? Our dear and loyal companion K-9 (2 furniture slots) comes back to us in the Home universe. Much like The Doctor’s above enemies, K-9 has the movement and phrases.

“You, good dog.”


Now to the fashion part. Konami has come out with color variants of it’s cowgirl go-go dancer outfits. Here we have the black vest and chaps.

Let’s not forget those glorious shorty-shorts.

As  I did not do an update last week, here is the x7 freebie: female glowy necklace.

As always, I will gladly answer any questions you all have about Home. Post your questions in the comments section below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

Ta ta for now 😀

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