CN:Zebra Play’s: Nifflas Knytt Underground Demo Part 5 and an update!

Hey guys! The “dispute” on my Dread-Out One-Shot has been cleared! Thank you guys for all your support! Justice has been served! Just goes to show that when you know in your heart you are innocent and did no wrong and made absolutely positively sure you are following all rules and terms of condition you will be victorious! But it all starts with you! If you don’t believe you’re innocent, no one will. So for now I’m staying with youtube. A lot of my favorite helghast contributors are on there and I want to keep watching them!  My website is in it’s planning stage right now.  But let me make this clear. I am not leaving I’m staying till they kick me out, lol. I’ll be cross-posting everything I post on my site to here as well. …………………………………………………….I am glad my mistress is pleased with my efforts in removing the penalty against her video………>^0^<

One response to “CN:Zebra Play’s: Nifflas Knytt Underground Demo Part 5 and an update!

  1. That was a fun end to chapter one. I was expecting something a bit more when you reached the fairies but I guess that would’ve thrown the rest of the game for a loop as you’re still at the beginning. Interesting you have some fairy companions now, I wonder what kind of advice they’ll give along the way.

    Glad justice was served regarding your Dread-Out video as well, hurrah. 😉

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