Hyde Seeks: Vol. 6

So, everyone… I’d like to start out by apologizing for the shortness of this upload. We had even more goodies to share, but came across some technical difficulties while recording. We’ll have to do these without the pretty pictures.

There will be mood-specific animations by Hellfire Games. Moodies Moves! These will give a speed boost for your avatar as well as 4 extra animations in your drop down menu.

nDreams is catering to the ‘social butterflies’. 3 robo-girls will be available for you apartment. Each will respond to certain gestures and even “chat” with you and your guests. *11 furniture slots each*

Now, on with the show!

Veemee ushers in a set of ‘new’ costumes. Welcome back the former Silver Screen stars of horror with the B Movie costume sets. These classic outfits are sold in pieces as well as individual bundles. For those who want the whole kit-n-caboodle, you can have all 6 costumes at a discounted price.

Finally. gentlemen can truly embrace the beauty of the night in proper Dracula fashion.

Ladies, share with the world your darkest side as the gorgeous (if not intimidating) Bride.

For the young bloods out there, here’s the textbook jock. Now you can prove you really will fight fang & claw for that perfect touchdown.

Easily keep the student ‘bodies’ howling for every pep rally.

Darkness falls across the HOMEland
The maintenance hours are close at hand
Trolls crawl in search of their food
To terrorize your neighborhood
And whatever av shall be found
Without some DLC for getting down
Must stand and face the spell
Of rotting inside their Harbor’s shell

The worst lag is in the air
Enough errors for a thousand years
And strange customs in every room
Are moving in to seal your doom
And though you text to share your lives
Your fingers start to shiver
For no common user can resist
The evil of this thriller

Aaaaaaand here’s our closer.

The x7 freebie is this fabulous, if not somewhat contradictory, winter-styled vest for our lads.

As always, I will gladly answer any questions you all have about Home. Post your questions in the comments section below and I will get back to them as soon as I can.

Ta ta for now 😀

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