Guns of the Helghast KO the Kikai

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Hello fellow Helghast & Helghast Supporters!  Guns of the Helghast coming at you with another update on our adventures in PlayStation Home.  This weeks story is one of combat, conquest, and a hint of betrayal.

August 2nd, 2013, Guns of the Helghast responded to an urgent call for assistance from the fine folks at Granzella.  As it turns out, Home was being invaded by mechanized marauders from the stars, robots bent on dominating the Earth and all of its people.  As Helghast we know what it’s like having an overwhelming force swoop in, claim your home for their own, and discard its original residents like trash.  Home would NOT be another VEKTA!

I know what the Kikai Empire must’ve been thinking when they started this Home invasion, “In and out within a month, our weapons no match for their mechanical might, predicted moderate to low resistance.”  Hah, they couldn’t have been more wrong*.  Our host, General Gamer, marshalled the troops and brought us to the Southern Island Hideaway.  There we found the usual stone monolith set within the site’s rock face, as it always had been, but something was different, it was glowing.  Upon interaction we were whisked off to The Secret Base somewhere beneath the sea.  It was there we met Home’s first and last line of resistance from the oncoming machine massacre, Granzella.  They instructed us that the metallic bodies of these invaders could not be harmed with conventional weaponry and urged us to try out their beam blade in a first contact scenario at Dazzling Neon Downtown.

Once our forces had gathered we jumped the force and stormed the enemy.  We were outnumbered, outgunned, facing an enemy we’d never encountered, and using weapons we were unfamiliar with; it seemed everything was against us.  This is just the way we like it; only when all odds are stacked against you do you really need to dig inside and find out what you’re made of. 😉  It was a glorious introductory battle as we made quick work of the invading forces.  Next we returned to The Secret Base for a brief congratulations and information that we’d need to adopt one of three unique fighting methods to be effective in continuing to deal with this threat.

Beam Warriors, essentially neo-tech samurai, wield the beam blade.  Most of our forces chose this class and with this weapon we were able to cut down many a mechanical monstrosity.  Hackers helped to divide and conquer, using their honeycomb jammer to turn the Kikai against one another.  Battle Healers strong-armed the opposition into scrap metal with their medical battle arm, while keeping us all alive simultaneously.  With our new armaments equipped we stood proud for a commemorative photo as seen in the header image above.  Then the real fun began. 😉

Mission One had us relocate to the Shinjuku Station Front for a status update from the front lines.  Before returning to The Secret Base with the requested battle data, we chose to aid a young woman get in contact with her missing mate; never let it be said us Helghast have no heart.  It was after this mission our event officially ended but many of us chose to continue the struggle for Home.  And struggle we did, all the way to the very end!  No spoilers but for those who’ve finished you’ll understand what’s meant when we say there’s treachery afoot more foul than originally thought.  But that’s the way of war, and you can trust that those who seek to use the Helghast as pawns won’t like what happens next…

Join us next Monday, August 12th, 2013, to find out just what happens next. 😉

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*Taken from the back box art of Killzone 2.

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