Pottermore Part 2

Hello and welcome back to Hogwarts.  For another year of magical mischief and tomfoolery…

Before we begin, I assume you have all had ample time to buy a wand.  If not you’ll need to head over to Ollivander’s to pick up your wand at once!!!

After all a wizard isn’t much without his or her primary magical tool.

This year we will be going to the library a lot, so study up.

And it seems like Peeves is at it again.  Madam Pince has asked that you kindly find all the fragments of the books so everything can be put back in its proper place.  Remember to check back often since Peeves is always causing mischief.

Don’t forget, unless you have a note from a teacher you will not be allowed in the restricted section, unless you can conjure up an invisibility cloak or spell.

Also, there have been rumors that students have been sneaking off during the night and going down to the Forbidden Forest to participate in some sort of wizarding races on broomsticks.

While I don’t have to remind you that the Forbidden Forest is off-limits to students for various reasons: giants, giant spiders, centaurs, and that’s just to name the most dangerous ones.  So if you do go, and I know some of you will, make sure you know how to use some basic spells and knowing how to fly is a must.

Now, if you prefer not to skirt the rules there is a much safer way to pass the time.  Why not get a couple of classmates together and engage in a sporting match of Wizards’ Chess?

This version of chess differs from muggle chess and normal wizards’ chess by actually placing you in the game.  The rules, however, are still the same.  If you have some free time between classes go on over and check it out.

That’s all for now.  Enjoy another year at Hogwarts.  Be safe and keep studying, you never know when an evil wizard will try to take over the world…again.

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