Ghastly Studios: Continued Help & A New Home

Hello and welcome to Ghastly Studios’ August update. 🙂

We’re still in our off-season here at Ghastly Studios, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  This past month we’ve been working behind the scenes on a couple of different things, so let us get underway in divulging what exactly we’ve been up to.

First is the featured video atop this post, ‘Helghan racing Championship‘.  Corporal Jiin had the inkling to create a Helghast racing machinima.  Completely written, directed, recorded, and edited by Jiin, it’s good to see him continue to develop his artistic skills.  It was also a pleasure for Ghastly Studios to lend aid to our fellow comrade in this creative collaboration, Jiins’ second featured video project, and his eleventh video overall.  At Ghastly Studios we are proud to continue to assist aspiring actors, directors, and writers during our off-season to achieve their artistic visions and will support all our members in their passionate pursuits.

Pic taken and Watermarked by Hostess Champ.  LOOT's Observer was used for photo-capture.

Second, our wonderful hostess Colonel Champ chose to invest in a full-fledged clubhouse for Ghastly Studios.  Yes, the beautiful space you see pictured above is LOOT’s new Hollywood Hills Nighttime Clubhouse.  Previously Ghastly Studios convened every Tuesday night in a personal space also owned by Colonel Champ; while well-decorated it was felt an actual clubhouse might better suit the club.  Thanks to Champ for this donation all members of Ghastly Studios may now come & go as they wish without disrupting the hostess for invites, member management is also simplified with multiple administrators, and lastly every member of Ghastly Studios can now watch free movies and TV shows via LOOT’s built-in EOD screens.  Check out a few more pics at the bottom of this update.  Thank you again Hostess Champ for your donation, we all appreciate it. 🙂

Finally, Ghastly Studios has finalized a couple of our own scripts.  No, we won’t be recording just yet as it’s still our off-season, but we continue to remain productive with script generation and refinement.  When we do head back to making our main machinimas we hope to have a host of scripts to choose from, ranging from holiday themes to one-shots and everything in between.  As always we’re grateful you continue to follow us and care about the stuff we do.  We hope that you continue to find us entertaining, and if you have a suggestion feel free to leave a comment below.

Tune in next month, September 4th, 2013, for Ghastly Studios next scheduled update.  Till then, keep dreaming, creating, and living life with a passion. 😉

Pic taken by Hostess Champ.  LOOT's Observer was used for photo-capture.Pic taken by Hostess Champ.  LOOT's Observer was used for photo-capture.Pic taken and Edited by Hostess Champ.  LOOT's Observer was used for photo-capture.

5 responses to “Ghastly Studios: Continued Help & A New Home

  1. LadyD SsstarssS we missed them. Also jiin keep going with your video idea’s I like the work keep it up. 🙂

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