CN:Zebra *Special* Girl Writes What

I have to admit that a few days before airing this video I suddenly got stage freight. It’s because it just hit me that the subject about Feminism is a hot button lately thanks to a controversial youtube video series done by FeministFrequency. I just want you guys to know I’m not for or against anything. I am a very peaceful person and I acknowledge everyone’s right to their own opinions. Growing up in america I learned to love our First Amendment Rights and I will never dream of instilling my beliefs on someone. So the purpose of this video is just me sharing with you all a bit of my background and basically my point of view growing up. Of course you guys will agree or disagree and I love you all for having minds of your own.

One response to “CN:Zebra *Special* Girl Writes What

  1. Aww, maybe you and your prince charming will find and / or realize each other one day. 😉

    Aye, I agree in fighting for fairness.

    Children can be cruel for many reasons. They’re having a bad day, they’re under stress, their home environment is unstable, they’re picked on by others, they had something traumatic happen, etc. Fortunately people generally learn to control those feelings to a greater degree with age, either by learning to overcome it or channeling out that aggression in a more positive way. It is unfortunate but some people bottle it up and that can transform them in a negative way.

    Aw, you’re a princess in our eyes. You sound like Xena, warrior princess. 😉

    Awww, we’re cute, thanks. 😉

    I don’t see the point in sexism. I understand why it happens in some cases but it ultimately makes no sense. As time progresses hopefully the human race can put this childishness behind us.

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