Guns of the Helghast Land Atop Lockwood’s Kingdom of the Skies

Guns of the Helghast FG81613


Greetings again from Guns of the Helghast. 🙂

Two Fridays ago we played upon a beach beneath a beauteous sky.  Last Friday we decided to take flight and sail upon the clouds to catch a closer view of the heavens’ hue, join us to see what we discovered.

August 16th, 2013, Guns of the Helghast found a land, nay, a kingdom tucked amongst those clouds.  Led by General Ventura of the 1st Division, we changed course from our casual cruise through the aether to the mountain isles scattered before us, Lockwood’s Kingdom of the Skies.

Emerging upon what appeared to be the main isle we chronicled our colossal find and impending conquest with a commemorative photograph.  As seen in that image above we were not the only ones within the kingdom.  The night of August 16th Guns of the Helghast had the fortune of being joined by a few of the lovely ladies from the NwBB.  They are a fierce group of soldiers in their own right and have gained the respect of GotH.  Together our two groups met, talked, and explored what mysteries we could pertaining to these isles.

One such oddity, a grateful gift we happened upon soon after arrival, was a well-formed white tiger.  With powerful limbs and a strong back it allowed us to mount and ride atop it.  This tiger wasn’t alone, either, as it was joined by others of its kind allowing all in attendance their own white tiger mount.  Not knowing from exactly where within the kingdom these beasts did appear we decided to keep and shelter them as our own.

As the night drew to a close we thanked the NwBB for gracing us with their presence.  We had a good time and in enjoying each others company we planned to share an event again sometime soon, very soon.  Thanks go out again to General Ventura for hosting the nights proceedings.

Join us next week, August 26th, to find out upon which distant isle we find ourselves next.  This is Guns of the Helghast, wishing you well in your own adventures and tales of camaraderie yet to come. 🙂

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