Price (PS) Drops (Vita) Anyone? DOTY.

ps vita the walking dead bundle

I see the horizon beyond yonder. An all new era has begun at Sony Computer Entertainment and frankly, a moment we’ve all been waiting for even your sister’s, cousin’s dog. The PS Vita, as you all know, was recently announced at gamescom 2013. Cool! What I didn’t know (until an hour ago)is that there is a Limited Edition bundle available only at participating retailers. The bundle includes: PlayStation Vita WiFi/3G system, Digital copy of The Walking Dead, and a 4GB memory card all for $199! With the dawn of the PlayStation 4 up ahead you’d be crazy not to purchase one of these Limited Edition bundles…or maybe just broke. But anyway, you can purchase a bundle on the PlayStation website or at your local GameStop. (Both links provided below for your convenience, you’re welcome.) Deal of the year people, deal of the year.

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