CN:Zebra *One-Shot* Adult Swim’s Browser Games Robot Unicorn Attack All

 I had a BLAST playing these games the night I recorded the game footage. I hope you guys head on over to and check it out for yourselves. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much fun you have. Just f.y.i. you don’t have to be a female to enjoy this game. A LOT of guy gamers were the first to play it actually. Bronies of the world UNITE!

6 responses to “CN:Zebra *One-Shot* Adult Swim’s Browser Games Robot Unicorn Attack All

  1. Mr. Ortiz…..I have noticed all your enthusiastic comments to my mistress’s posts… assured she has read them and smiled…..>^0^<

  2. Maybe one day you’ll find a game where unicorns are jamming out to heavy metal. 😉
    The original “Robert Unicorn Attack” has soft colors, I like the visuals. I instantly took a liking to the soundtrack. The gameplay looks fun, too.
    Were you surprised to find the keyboardist for the song in the game was a member of Depeche Mode?
    “[gasps] Dolphins!.. crash.” 😉

    The unicorn / reindeer in “Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas” looks awesome. 🙂 Beautiful visuals just like the original game and I like the sounds in the game as well.

    Omg, that was cooler that I thought it would be, haha. 🙂 “Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution” earns its name as an evolution of the original experience. No spoilers in this comment for those who have yet to watch the vid, but it may pleasantly ‘change’ your perception of what a fun, lighthearted side-scrolling platform can be.

    You did really well in “Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal,” you were in the zone. 😉

    “Retro Unicorn Attack” didn’t grab me as much as the others but the visuals were still nice and I enjoyed the 8-bit rendition of the original’s song. It’s Challenge Edition seemed to be the hardest of all the variations, 8-bit or otherwise.

    I would request that you sing more in your videos, I like your voice. 🙂

    This was one small step for CN:Zebra, several giant leaps for unicorn kind. 😉 Thanks again for the Let’s Play. 🙂

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